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Hotpoint ECOFM171G reviews and prices: Frost free fridge freezer

The Hotpoint ECOFM171G Fridge Freezer in Graphite Silver has been designed to provide a cost effective and ... See full description.
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Product Information

product description

The Hotpoint ECOFM171G Fridge Freezer in Graphite Silver has been designed to provide a cost effective and economical, family sized fridge freezer. This Hotpoint Frost Free Fridge Freezer is highly economical and energy efficient and benefits from the additional capacity afforded by its 1.75m tall, 60cm wide cabinet.

The Hotpoint fridge freezer contains an Auto Defrost Fridge and a Frost Free Freezer making it easy to use and maintain.
The Auto Defrost system has been programmed to automatically defrost the fridge at regular intervals, this prevents the build-up of frost and ice in the refrigerator and helps to keep the fridge compartment clean.
The Frost Free Freezer circulates cold air throughout the freezer compartment, this prevents the accumulation of ice on the freezer walls and in the drawers and ensures that the freezer maintains maximum cooling efficiency.

The Hotpoint ECOFM171G Fridge Freezer provides an abundance of storage capacity in the fridge and the freezer compartments.
The fridge offers an impressive 182 litres of storage capacity and contains 3 fully adjustable Safety Glass shelves and 2 removable Salad Crisper drawers. The fridge door furniture includes a full width bottle rack, suitable for storing tall bottles and large cartons and 2 full width commodity racks for storing jars, bottles and dairy produce.
The fridge has a SuperCool facility, which can be set to quickly reduce the temperature in the fridge compartment, in preparation for receiving a large amount of fresh produce or when re-stocking the fridge after a ‘big shop’.

The freezer compartment contains 3 storage drawers and provides a combined storage capacity of 73 litres. The freezer drawers are removable and includes a deep/ large capacity drawer, which is suitable for storing larger items or bulk produce.
The freezer has a SuperFreeze facility, which can be used to quickly reduce the temperature in the freezer to the optimum level for rapidly freezing fresh fish, fresh meat and soft fruit. This fast freeze method preserves the flavour and texture of the food and increases its storage life.

This Hotpoint frost free fridge freezer is highly efficient and economical in operation and has received an A+ Rating for its Energy Efficiency, it also has an expected annual Energy Consumption figure of just (271kWh per annum), which will help to reduce your energy bills.

The fridge freezer doors are reversible, allowing the appliance to be used as a Left Hand or a Right Hand opening fridge freezer.

product specification
Freezer position Bottom
Energy efficiency A* rated
Width in cm 60cm wide
Height in cm 175cm high
Depth in cm 65.5cm deep
Frost free Yes
Freezer Stars 4 Freezer Stars