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Hoover DYC893B tumble dryer reviews and prices: tumble Dryer

Boasting a massive 9 kg drum, the Hoover DYC893B Condenser Tumble Dryer allows you to dry masses of clothes... See full description.
  • tumble
  • B rated

Product Information

product description

Boasting a massive 9 kg drum, the Hoover DYC893B Condenser Tumble Dryer allows you to dry masses of clothes at once with minimal effort.

Packed with features
Perfect for a large family, or for someone who likes to do all their drying in one go, the DYBC893B comes with an extra large drum, suitable for loads up to 9 kg. Feel free to put a duvet in, or that big bundle of clothes you’ve finally got around to washing – the DYC893B can handle it with ease.

Being a condenser dryer the DYC893B doesn’t require a vent, meaning it’s easy to position in any location around the house. And thanks to its innovative Aquavision Reservoir system, all the condensed water is extracted to an easy-to-view location within the front door – meaning it’s a simple case of removing and draining the excess water whenever it starts topping up.

Complex programmes, easy to use
With sensor controls built in, drying you clothes has never been so simple. Just place your wet garments in the dryer, start it up and the sensor will detect when the clothes are dry and stop automatically.

For those who like to exercise a bit more control over their household chores, the DYC893B comes with 10 separate drying programmes, meaning that no matter what type of fabric you’re using, there’s a setting which will do the job.

The Delicate Wool setting is ideal for using on fabrics you don’t want to expose to high temperatures, whilst the Mix and Dry setting allows you to mix cottons and synthetics, saving the need for doing separate loads.

Remembers what you need
Should you find a favourite cycle or have particular settings you use more often than not, there’s a memo option, which makes it a cinch to load your clothes and start them drying in seconds.

You can also save money by making use of the delay timer – programme the DYC893B to start anytime within the next 23 hours, so you can take advantage of cheaper electricity rates over night or simply come home from work to a freshly dried set of clothes.

If you need to do a lot of drying and want it to be as easy as possible, take a look at the Hoover DYC893B Condenser Tumble Dryer.

product specification
Type of dryer tumble
Energy efficiency B rated
Drum size 9kg capacity
Construction Free-standing
Type of loading Front-loading
Type of drying control Sensor control
Height in cm 85.0cm high
Width in cm 60.0cm wide
Depth in cm 58.0cm deep
Noise level 61 decibels
Number of programmes 10 programmes