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This fridge is a good all rounder.

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8.0 out of 10 based on 1 review.
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Customer reviews of Haier WS50GDBI

Most helpful reviews

Derek, Southampton Basic user

Score 8.0/10
Good points:
Looks good, solid and should be energy efficient ('B' spec rating). The cabinet has thick walls and looks as if it has a lot of insulation. I filled up the cooler with wine bottles and attached an electronic temperature probe to red and white wine bottles. Overnight, the temperatures had stabilised and next morning were both exactly as set on the front panel.

The wine bottle recesses are a fixed size, but large Cava bottles can still be stored, although taking up 2 spaces. I tried cans of beer in the cooler section where you can fit 5 cans taking up 2 wine bottle slots. Whilst the recesses are an attempt to regularise your bottle storage, with different size bottles and cans, you can just use the space in tiers.

All the photos show white wine allocated to the top section as the cooler. Heat rises and cold air falls so it would seem logical to switch the allocation around with white wine in the bottom section. The temperature range setting is the same for both sections and you can set the bottom for cooling.

The product is manufactured in China. I had looked at many more expensive alternatives and decided on conventional refrigeration rather than solid state Peltier type. I could not feel compressor vibration on the cabinet.

The internal led lighting is good as is the brightness of the front panel display. They have provided a child lock for the door and the display requires a touch button press for 3 seconds to change settings.

The cooler has circulation fans for both sections which can be turned on. They are quiet but could become unreliable over time so I only used that feature when first filling with wine or will use it during a party.
Bad points:
The most important issue is the size for building into a kitchen: The cooler size is similar to an under worktop drier or washing machine, but it requires a 'recommended' free space clearance of 10cm between the sides and top, which means it exceeds a standard U.K kitchen module/appliance size. Each side contains the condenser and gets warm to hot and clearance for air circulation must be allowed. You don't find this out until you read through their installation instructions!

When first loading the cooler with wine I expected it to run for about 12 hours as I hadn't pre-chilled the bottles first. The gurgling noise from the refrigerant could drive you mad! It may meet their sound spec. but it is the kind of random noise that is very irritating. I'm installing my cooler in a utility area but I wouldn't recommend it for a habitable area or flat. It actually makes more irritating noise than my wall mounted gas boiler and does it for longish periods after the door is opened. The cooler internal circulation fans seem well balanced and quiet, but the refrigeration system noise really does need to be reduced for use in a domestic environment.

The front panel display is bright and easy to read. However the temperature display is the set temperature and not the actual temperature inside the unit. When the gurgling stops, you know the cooler is at the set temperature. The display 'toggles' the upper and lower set temperatures when it would have been better to show them simultaneously.

On first setup without wine the fridge section droppped to a set temperature of 8 deg. C within 10 minutes. I then switched the fridge section to the bottom and waited for the top section to warm up to 18 deg. C. It just sat there not warming and stuck at about 11 deg.C. Eventually I opened the door, for both sections to get to room temperature, powered off, then set the bottom and top temperatures for white and red wine. Then it worked

Instructions to change temperature were confusing. When you change the temperature it flashes. Intuitively you would expect to press a button to store the new setting. On this product you leave the new temperature to flash then it gets set after a time delay.

The brochure photographs show the cooler with black top and sides. There is some kind of thin black film wrap which is easily scratched and shows underneath as silver. Despite calls to Haier U.K and the supplier I was unable to confirm if this was a protective film which could be removed. The supplier (Zoe) said if it can be removed remove it, but rather than trash a new product I left it.

Their spec. claims it will hold 50 bottles. A brochure photo shows about 32 bottles (?) and I don't know how you would get 50 bottles the same size in there? If they say it holds 50, they should include a photo.

They provide two nice oak sliding racks. There isn't a lot of clearance space to pull them out and you need to be careful to avoid damaging the door seal.
Overall rating 8.0
Build Quality 8.0
Design 7.0
Capacity 8.0
Energy consumption 8.0
Value for money 10.0
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Confirmed purchase: 27 Sep 2016

Product Features

Construction Free-standing
Energy efficiency B
Height in cm 133.5
Width in cm 65.5
Depth in cm 74.1
Shelves material Wood
Fridge Buyers Guide  

Manufacturer's Description

Electronic Control Panel
Your fridge will obey your every command.

LED Interior Lighting
Turn on the lights! It’s as bright as day in your fridge!

Class B Energy Rating
Higher energy ratings means higher energy savings for you and your family.

Double Zone
Two distinct temperature zones allow you to store your red and white wines together at their perfect temperatures.

Antivibration System
The wine cellar’s compressor has a system that neutralises micro vibrations and noise that are harmful to your wine.

Active Carbon Filter
Because your wine breathes through its cork an active carbon filter is necessary to maintain clean air inside your wine cellar.

Anti-UV Glass Door
UV rays are not a friend to your wine. Thanks to the anti-UV filtered glass door, your wines are protected against unwanted light. This enables the aging process to naturally take place and reduces the redox potential.

Interior Light
The practical intelligently designed interior LED lighting system consumes less energy than conventional systems and does not emit any heat. This helps to maintain a perfect ambient temperature in your wine cellar.

LCD Control Panel
The LCD control panel allows you to effortlessly regulate the temperature of every zone.

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