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Haier AFD-631GB reviews and prices: Frost free fridge freezer

The revolutionary A+ energy efficient Haier AFD 631GB Fridge Freezer is dedicated to style and is profici... See full description.
  • Freestanding
  • A* rated

Product Information

product description

The revolutionary A+ energy efficient Haier AFD 631GB Fridge Freezer is dedicated to style and is proficient in usability, so add some sophistication to your chilled food storage! Winning design Complete with its innovative 3D system and high-quality glass finish exterior the Haier AFD 631GB Fridge Freezer really does stand out from the crowd. Interior LED tower lighting guarantee that the inside is uniformly illuminated and a liquid crystal touch-sensitive display behind the glass front is designed for low energy consumption. The refrigerator door is designed with the use of safety glass, making it far easier to clean than other materials. Exceptional storage Haier AFD631GB Fridge Freezer features two spacious 3D freezer drawers on easy to use telescopic rails measuring 60cm wide per drawer for optimum use of storage space. A unique foldable wine rack in the refrigerator enables safe storage but also adds space when not in use.

With the use of 9.01 cubic feet of storage in the fridge and 3.05 cubic feet in the frozen departments – you can be sure of ample space for fresh and frozen produce. Less maintenance innovation The total No Frost system ensures that ice does not build up inside the AFD 631GB Fridge Freezer so you don’t have to spend an entire weekend defrosting the unit. A chiller compartment in the fridge is designed to maintain a steady temperature of 2°C lower than that of the main fridge compartment keeping your fresh produce just as fresh as it was when it was purchased. The incredible functionalities of the AFD 631GB Fridge Freezer make it a top first class product with outstanding design and high-energy efficiency.

Fridge-freezers are not designed to be used in a garage or outhouse therefore we recommend that you don’t use them in any unheated area. Should you wish to store your fridge-freezer in such an area it is recommended that you buy a model with twin thermostats as this will help to reduce the risk of food being spoiled. The Haier AFD 631GB Fridge Freezer comes equipped with a single thermostat.

product specification
Construction Freestanding
Energy efficiency A* rated
Width in cm 60cm wide
Height in cm 188cm high
Depth in cm 67cm deep
Frost free Yes
Noise level 42 decibels