GBC 5100L A3 Laminator

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This stationery is a good all rounder.

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652 x 290 x 240mm See full product description

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Product Features

Dimensions (mm) 652 x 290 x 240

Manufacturer's Description

Fusion 5100L A3 Laminator
Choosing the right laminator for your home or office can be challenging. Look no further, introducing GBC’s Fusion 5100L laminator, it is one of the most efficient, fastest and technologically advanced laminators in the market today. When it comes to protecting your documents from spills, grease and general day to day handling the Fusion laminator excel’s in every aspect.
From it’s very impressive one minute warm up to laminating an A4 document with a 75 micron pouch in just 15 seconds. It is also capable of laminating 40 A4 sheets in just 10 minutes therefore it is clear to see why this is a highly advanced laminator. The auto pouch thickness detector and auto misfeed recovery function make laminating easier than it ever was before which has a maximum lamination width of 324mm. The full logic premium LCD screen makes your laminating tasks even more enjoyable especially when it comes to checking what you are laminating. The screen also features a help menu, job counter and also a ‘Countdown to ready timer’ which can be really useful if you are wanting to keep track of documents or are pressured for time. When setting the Fusion laminator in manual mode you can instantly switch between pouch thickness and a optional ‘Fine tune’ temperature control setting for maximised control. Adjustable pouch guides help keep your documents perfectly aligned whether you are laminating A3, A4 documents or ID’s, photos, certificates and notices. It can cater to all your requirements. The auto alert beep function notifies you when your document is ready to go and also when it has finished. It also automatically reverses the action if a pouch is being misfed. The auto shut off feature can be a handy function. If you find yourself not using the machine for 30 minutes or longer it will shut itself off automatically to conserve energy. Fusion’s 4 roller system and exit tray allow for perfectly flat and clean finishes which can take 2 × 75 micron to 2 × 250 micron thermal pouches. It is also capable of handling 2 × 38 micron pouches with a carrier. If you are searching for a well designed and efficient laminator the GBC Fusion laminator is the most complete and versatile laminator available today when it comes to meeting your everyday laminating needs.

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GBC Fusion 5100L A3 Laminator - Black
GBC Fusion 5100L A3 Laminator - Black


£177 free delivery Go

In stock

GBC Fusion 5100L A3 Laminator - Black
GBC Fusion 5100L A3 Laminator - Black


£211 + £3 delivery Go

In stock

GBC Fusion 5100l A3 Laminator Black 4400752
GBC Fusion 5100l A3 Laminator Black 4400752


£224 delivery cost may apply Go

In stock

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