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Garmin NUVI 1340 with UK & Western Europe Maps reviews

The nüvi 1340 is an ultra-thin, simple-to-use, widescreen sat-nav with mapping for Western Europe. It has L... See full description.
  • Portable Navigation Device
  • On board Memory Card

Product Information

product description

The nüvi 1340 is an ultra-thin, simple-to-use, widescreen sat-nav with mapping for Western Europe. It has Lane Assist for help at upcoming junctions and ecoRoute™ to calculate a more fuel-efficient route. It also comes with Garmin’s unique speed camera warning system to help you drive safely. An optional CityXplorer™ download it will even direct you via public transport (information varies between cities) or give you instructions for walking to your destination so you can use your sat-nav in and out of the car.

Simple navigation

The nüvi 1340 has a clear, intuitive menu so you can just turn it on and go. You simply need to touch the screen to look up addresses and get turn-by-turn directions. It announces street names before you turn so you always know where you are going, for example, “Turn right at Dell Road”.

Lane Assist helps you get into the correct lane in plenty of time which is particularly useful near busy junctions. It illustrates up to nine lanes in the top left-hand corner of the main map screen, with the distance to the exit and which lanes to take.

Great on the go – driving, walking or on public transport

The fact that nüvi 1340 is only 15mm thick means you can take it anywhere. Use to its full potential by downloading cityXplorer™ via to navigate like a local. The enhanced pedestrian mode gives you directions for walking including footpaths and shortcuts through parks – places you wouldn’t be accessing while in your car. It also tells you where to catch trains, buses and tubes (dependent on the city), and how long it will take to reach your destination. cityXplorer even has public transport timetables to ensure you arrive at the station on time and help avoid long waits (dependent on the city).

To make the most of your Garmin sat-nav when exploring a new city, whether on a day trip, a holiday or for business, you can also add an optional AA City Guide. It tells you everything you need to know about your chosen city from attractions and places to eat, hotels and shops.

Speed cameras

Garmin has a unique, pan-European speed camera warning system, giving real-time, reliable, and accurate alerts. nüvi 1340 has the location of fixed, average speed, mobile and temporary cameras already built in. New or moved cameras are constantly tracked and the database is updated daily.

Go Green and save fuel

The ecoRoute™ fuel-saver feature enables you to choose a fuel-efficient route which could save you fuel and money. Simply choose the “less fuel” option and nüvi 1340 will calculate the route which will use the least fuel. You can also see the estimated cost of your journey as you plan it and get scored for your driving performance with the Driving Challenge – good for identifying areas for improvement.

Where am I? safety feature

The Where am I? safety feature can be very helpful if you break down or need a certain service urgently. Just tap the car icon on your map screen for your exact coordinates, contact details for vehicle recovery services and directions to hospitals, police and petrol stations.

Anti-Theft feature

You can choose to activate The Garmin Lock™ anti-theft protection system to disable your Garmin sat-nav from performing any functions until a specific 4-digit PIN is typed in or the unit is taken to a predetermined location. Simply enter a 4-digit PIN and select a Security Location. Write down your PIN and keep it in a safe place. Each time you turn on the GPS, enter your PIN to unlock the GPS. If you forget your PIN, you can go to your Security Location. Note: If you forget your PIN, and your Security Location, Garmin cannot unlock your GPS over the phone; you must send your GPS to Garmin to get it unlocked.

Extras for your Garmin

There are lots of extras you can add to your Garmin sat-nav. These include travel guides such as AA Days Out, The Good Pub Guide, historical audio tours and more. You can also have some fun by adding celebrity voices. If you’re a music fan you may want to download the locations festivals in the UK, or if you want to go on a shopping trip the locations of shopping centres. See for more information.

product specification
Type of satellite navigation Portable Navigation Device
Map storage medium On board Memory Card
Monitor type Fixed Monitor
Connections Internet connectivity
Connections Pedestrian mode
Screen size 4.3"
Touchscreen Yes
Map Coverage Covers PART CONTINENT
FM tuner FM Radio
Monitor format 16:9
Release date 7 Jul 2009