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Photo of Garmin Edge 205 Satellite Navigation
  • Photo of Garmin Edge 205 Satellite Navigation
  • Photo of Garmin Edge 205 Satellite Navigation
  • Photo of Garmin Edge 205 Satellite Navigation

This sat nav is a good all rounder.

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9.0 out of 10 based on 2 reviews.
Garmin Edge 205: Bluetooth Hand-Held sat nav See full product description

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Product Features

Type of satellite navigation Portable Navigation Device
Connections Bluetooth
Screen size (Inches) 1.17
Touchscreen No
FM tuner No
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Manufacturer's Description

Take your ride to the next level with the Edge 205, Garmin’s GPS-enabled personal trainer and cycle computer. Whether you’re a competitive racer or weekend cyclist, Edge will help you achieve your personal best.

Whether you’re prepping for your next ride or just want a more accurate way to measure your performance on the trails, the Garmin Edge 205 GPS-enabled Personal Trainer and Cycle Computer can help. The Edge 205 is easy to use, requires no calibration, and features customizable screens and data fields to meet your needs. Measuring speed, distance, time, calories burned, altitude, climb, descent, and more, the Edge 205 will help you to always know where you are and how far you’ve gone.

The Edge 205 is easy to use. Simply take it out of the box, snap it into the included bike mount, and hit the road. The high-sensitivity GPS receiver knows your position even in tree cover and canyons, making the Edge 205 an extremely reliable navigation device. And with the customizable cycle computer, you can select from up to eight different data fields for continuous feedback. Garmin goes well beyond typical cycle computers by integrating GPS technology for basic navigation. In addition, the Edge 205 gives you the ability to overlay your ride data onto a course map and even “race” a virtual partner. This is a great way to make your training fun and push you toward your goals.

The included PC-based Training Center software gives you the tools to create workouts, manage and download courses, and create a detailed post-ride analysis that charts your performance and measures your speed, distance, climb, descent, and heart-rate data against varying terrain, elevation, and other conditions. And with the Edge 205’s built-in USB interface, uploading and downloading information is simple and fast.

The virtual partner screen depicts a digital cyclist (representing your desired speed) in relation to your real-time speed. From this set of data the icons will show how far ahead or behind you are from your digital competitor. The Courses feature allows you to race against a recorded course to try and match previously set speeds at every point along the way. By combining the Virtual Partner and Courses features, you can race an opponent who varies speeds while climbing hills and navigating turns.

Training in urban areas can be tricky, and traffic congestion can skew training data. To help remedy this problem, Garmin has included an auto-pause function that pauses the training timer when you slow down below a specified speed and resumes when you speed up again so you can focus on your ride, not on data collection. And with the auto lap function, this smart little device automatically triggers a lap every time you pass a specified location or travel a preset distance.

With its sleek, waterproof design (the Edge 205 meets IEC 60529 IPX7 standards, which means that its components can be submerged in one meter of water for 30 minutes), the Edge 205 is the perfect companion for any bike, and it can attach to either the stem or handlebars. This lightweight device (88 grams) is powered by an 800mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery and delivers an average of 12 hours of use per charge. The rugged case frames an easy-to-read, large, backlit display that makes it a breeze to view the data fields. So whether you’re racing against your virtual partner, fighting to shave precious seconds off your old record, or training for the next big race, the Edge 205 is there to help monitor your progress and make you a better cyclist.

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