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Fujifilm FinePix S5800 reviews and prices: Hybrid camera

It’s a faithful companion for every event, from nights out, the kids’ school play or sports day... See full description.
  • Hybrid
  • 3264x2448 pixels

Product Information

product description

It’s a faithful companion for every event, from nights out, the kids’ school play or sports day, right through to countryside walks and family holidays. It’s the ultimate camera for every occasion and perfect for users who always want a camera to hand.

Scene Modes

The FinePix S5800 offers a wide range of exposure control modes for easy, convenient photo taking. And versatile programmed mode dials and scene positions ensure optimum results, no matter what the scene.

An intuitive icon-based graphical interface lets you confirm shooting modes or control settings with brief explanations on the LCD monitor, taking much of the guesswork out of digital camera operation.

Stops the Blur…

One of problems of long zoom cameras is blur because of the poor sensitivity of the sensor and lack of light down the lens tube. The S5800 solves this with Fuji’s Picture Stabilisation mode, which increases the ISO automatically up to 1600, giving crisp, sharp results every time by automatically increasing the shutter speed when light is scarce.

Now 8.0 million Pixels

Boasting an 8.0-megapixel CCD sensor, the FinePix S5800 delivers high image quality that promises you sharper, more brilliant, higher resolution pictures

Film-like Quality…

Fuji is one of the few camera manufacturers to make sensors, and is designed to get the very best of all the essential components working in tandem. The S5800 is fitted with Fuji’s Real Photo Processor to deliver first-rate colour reproduction, image sharpness, low noise and excellent tonal response.
Image of woman at candle lit dinner (noise)

The S5800 loves low light

One of Fuji’s great strengths is high quality images in low light.

Even at night or when shooting fast-moving subjects, high sensitivity of ISO 1600 delivers images that are crisp and clear. And high-sensitivity shooting means non-blur, sharp, focused photos with balanced exposure even in low light, without flash.

Manual Modes for Photo fun

The S5800 is an enthusiasts’ camera, which means its packed with a number of shooting of versatile program modes and scene positions choices to ensure optimum results whatever the challenge. One of the most popular, unique to Fuji, is ‘Natural Light with Flash’, where the camera takes one shot with flash and another with natural ambient light, and leaves you to choose the favourite.

Flash with a brain

Most cameras have a very basic flash mode. Either its ‘off’, making the picture dark and blurry, or ‘on’ at full strength, giving pictures that bright, washed out, ‘black-and-white’ look. What you really want are photos which convey the warmth and feeling of the scene, with subtle lighting and gentle tones.

The S5800, which has been fitted with Fuji’s latest Intelligent Flash Technology, has solved this problem. The camera reads a scene in milliseconds and cleverly balances foreground and background light to give beautifully exposed, balanced shots. Pictures of people in low light work particularly well, with faces that look natural, not ghoulish!

Use the S5800 as a Camcorder

The S5800 offers an excellent recording resolution of 640 × 480 at 30 frames per second, meaning it can act as a first-class camcorder as well as a camera.

This model can zoom, expose and focus as you shoot, giving you up to 35 minutes movie on a 2 GB card – at almost indistinguishable quality from expensive digital camcorders.

The S5800 is also fitted with an Electronic Image Stabiliser, which gives you the creative freedom to track moving subjects and capture great footage.

product specification
Camera Type Hybrid
Resolution (Pixels) 3264x2448 pixels
Optical zoom ratio 10x optical zoom
Screen size 2.5"
Digital zoom ratio 5.1x digital zoom
Type of image stabiliser Yes image stabiliser
Touchscreen No
3D No
Colour Black
Media format SD Card storage
Media format SDHC Card storage
Media format XD Card storage
Memory card slot Yes
PictBridge Yes
Macro Mode Yes
Video recorder Yes
Manual Focus Yes
Timer Yes
Weight (g) 307g
Flash Yes
WiFi No
Shortest shutter speed 1/1000 min. shutter speed
Longest shutter speed 1/4 max. shutter speed
Waterproof No
Viewfinder Yes
USB port Yes
Dimensions (mm) 75.7x106.1x80.7mm
RAW Format No
GPS Receiver No
Max. Aperture Lens 1 f3.5-3.7 max. aperture lens 1
Filter Diameter (mm) Lens 1 46mm filter lens 1
In-built memory Internal Storage: 26 MB
Release date 2 Dec 2039
Height in mm 7.6
Width in mm Width: 106.1mm
Depth in mm 8.1
Serial Shot Mode Yes
Bluetooth No
Autofocus Yes
Changeable Lens No
Type of lens Fujinon lens
Highest focal length 380 Millimetres
Lowest focal length 38 Millimetres