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Fujifilm FinePix S2500HD reviews and prices: Hybrid camera

Fujifilms new 18x superzoom is ideal for those who are looking for much more flexibility and zoom range tha... See full description.
  • Hybrid
  • 18x optical zoom

Product Information

product description

Fujifilms new 18x superzoom is ideal for those who are looking for much more flexibility and zoom range than a compact can offer, but who dont want the expense and bulk of a DSLR system. The FinePix S2500HD has a versatile Fujinon 18x zoom, 28mm wide-angle lens, HD image and video capture, and manual photographic controls, all combining to give users the freedom for photographic creativity.

However, for those whose approach to photography is more point-and-shoot, the S2500HD can also happily be switched to “Auto” for hassle-free shooting and total peace of mind. Tracking Auto Focus

Ideal when photographing subjects that won’t keep still or for fast moving subjects and action shots. Tracking AF will lock on to moving subjects and keep them in focus. Simply half press the shutter button and Tracking AF tracks your subject, then as soon as you fully press the shutter button you will capture a photo with the subject in the centre of the image and perfectly in focus. No more spoilt shots!
Panoramic Shooting Mode

Perfect for capturing sweeping landscapes or large group shots. Simply take three consecutive photos of your chosen scene and the camera will seamlessly stitch them together to create one impressive panoramic image and save it straight to the memory card, ready for you to print and frame for your front room wall!

Dual Image Stabilisation
Create your own panoramas
Instant Zoom

A selectable frame on the LCD lets you bracket and track moving subjects in standard wide view and will then save it as a cropped image.

Easily track and photograph moving subjects
Zoom Bracketing Mode

Enables three shots to be taken at the single press of a button, each at varying degrees of magnification (original, 1.4x and 2.0x). This useful tool enables instant editing on the camera to choose the ideal shot, rather than having to go back to a PC to facilitate a digital crop.

Crop and choose your ideal shots
Automatic Scene Recognition Technology

Intelligently, the FinePix S2500HD can detect the scene type you are taking a picture of and optimises focus, exposure and white balance to guarantee a perfectly balanced shot. SR Auto knows if you are shooting in low-light or bright sunlight and automatically adjusts the settings accordingly to avoid spoilt shots and ensure you get the best out of your camera.

SR Auto logo

PortraitPortrait LogoPortrait

Detects the faces quickly in the frame and optimises focus, brightness and white balance.

LandscapeLandscape logoLandscape

Scenic shots such as mountains and buildings are automatically recognised. Colours of the sky, forests, and flower fields are captured in vivid colors and depth.

Night logoNight

For low-light and night-time shots, shutter speed and sensitivity are automatically adjusted, producing blur-free pictures with minimal noise.

Night picture
Conventional camera FinePix S2500HD

Macro logoMacro

When your subject is very close to the camera, it adjusts the settings automatically to produce high-resolution, blue-free shots.

Macro images
Conventional camera FinePix S2500HD

Night Portrait logoNight Portrait

When photographing people at night or in low light, SR Auto optimises flash range, shutter speed, and exposure of the portraits, while capturing smooth and luminous background.

Night Portrait
Conventional camera FinePix S2500HD

Backlit Portrait logoBacklit Portrait

When shooting into the sun this optimises the exposure and flash to ensure clear, evenly lit facial features.

Backlit Portrait
Conventional camera FinePix S2500HD
Smile Everyone!

Employ new Smile mode and the in-built “Smile Detection” will not take the photo until a smile is detected. All your pictures will be happy ones from now on!

Night picture
Get beautiful smiles every time

Blink Detection

This fun new feature alerts the user of people blinking in a picture so you have the chance to retake the photo with everyone’s eyes open and looking at the camera.

Night picture
Make spoilt shots a thing of the past
Perfect Portraits

Intelligent Face Detection technology can identify up to ten faces in the shot and optimises focus and exposure to ensure perfectly exposed faces. Combine this with automatic “red-eye” removal and your photos of your friends and family will be flawless from now on.

Night picture
Combined technology for perfect pictures
Mode Wheel & Scene Position

All the camera’s different shooting modes are located on a convienient scroll wheel on the back of the camera so you can quickly and easily select your ideal mode. Within the Scene Position mode (SP) you can access 15 pre-programmed scene modes which allow you to really get creative with your photography!

Night picture
Zoom dial Mode wheel Menu options

Frame your shot and SR AUTO intelligently recognises the scene and selects the ideal settings.

The easiest mode for taking pictures. Use this for ordinary photography.

Scene Position
Ensures the ideal camera settings to match the shooting scenes.

Captures and combines max 3 consecutive shots, which are saved to the memory card as a panoramic picture.

This mode provides more detailed settings that are impossible to set in Auto mode.

Aperture Priority Auto
An automatic mode to set the aperture.

Shutter Priority Auto
An automatic mode to set the shutter speed.

Program Auto
Automatic mode to specify the settings except for the shutter speed and aperture setting.

Natural Light
Produces beautiful images that retain the natural ambience when shots are taken in low-light conditions.

Natural Light & with Flash
Shoots 2 images continuously, without flash and with flash. Comes in great handy during marginal shooting situations.

Zoom Bracketing
This mode records three consecutive images with zoom ratio setting of 1x, 1.4x and 2x at a single release of the shutter.

Automatically triggers the shutter button and takes a photo only when smile is detected.

Set for shooting portraits. Skin tones are softened as it enhances the overall natural look.

Best for shooting scenery in daylight capturing clear and sharp shots of buildings and mountains effectively.

A quick recognition of persons in motion or objects for a faster shutter speed to help you catch the perfect moment.

Mode for shooting evening and night scenes. A picture is taken with a slow shutter.

Night (Tripod)
Clear shots of twilight scenes using tripod.

Effective for taking shots of fireworks with a slow shutter speed.

Capture sunset scenes vivid in colour.

Most adaptable to snow scenes without unnatural darkened images or where the whole screen appears white.

Clear shots of people without darkened images under strong sunlight.

Best for shooting indoor weddings or parties. Retains the natural ambience in low-light conditions.

Capture a clear close-up shots of blooming flowers rich in colour.

Clear shots of letters on a document or white board.
Play back your images in style!

Customise how your images are played back to you, with a slideshow view that shows you close ups of each of the faces in your pictures.

Fujifilm Finepix reviews and deals

product specification
Camera Type Hybrid
Optical zoom ratio 18x optical zoom
Screen size 3"
Digital zoom ratio 6x digital zoom
Type of image stabiliser Optical Image Stabiliser image stabiliser
Touchscreen No
3D No
Colour Black
Media format SD Card storage
Media format SDHC Card storage
PictBridge Yes
Video recorder Yes
Timer Yes
Weight (g) 337g
Flash Yes
WiFi No
Shortest shutter speed 1/1 min. shutter speed
Longest shutter speed 1/8 max. shutter speed
Waterproof No
Viewfinder Yes
USB port Yes
Dimensions (mm) 109x74x81mm
RAW Format No
GPS Receiver No
In-built memory Internal Storage: 23 MB
Release date 2 Feb 2010
Height in mm 7.3
Width in mm Width: 110.2mm
Depth in mm 8.1
Serial Shot Mode Yes
Bluetooth No
Autofocus Yes
Changeable Lens No
Highest focal length 504 Millimetres
Lowest focal length 28 Millimetres