FORMAC 750GB Disk Maxi 16MB (Black Case) FW400 / FW800 & USB 2 reviews

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Photo of FORMAC 750GB Disk Maxi  16MB  (Black Case) FW400 / FW800 & USB 2 External Hard Drive

This external hard drive is a good all rounder.

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Customer reviews of FORMAC 750GB Disk Maxi 16MB (Black Case) FW400 / FW800 & USB 2

Most helpful reviews

Confirmed purchaser mac user, edinburgh

Score 5.0/10
Good points:
Pretty good value for money and includes FW800 interface plus FW400 and USB. Looks good and PSU is quite small.
Bad points:
My main disappointment is that this is easily the noisiest external drive I've ever had.

Also FW800 doesn't make as much difference as I'd thought -- the faster transfer rate only seems to kick in when transferring very large files, and so makes hardly any difference when doing a back-up, which is why I bought it.
Overall rating 5.0
Design 6.0
Performance 7.0
Reliability 7.0
Capacity 7.0
Value for money 8.0
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Confirmed purchase: 04 Dec 2008

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