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Finlux 42F7020 TV reviews and prices: 42" Full HD LED Backlight LCD screen

The Finlux 42F7020-D This Full HD Finlux 42F7020-D 42-inch LED 3D TV turns any room into an entertainme... See full description.
  • 42"
  • Full HD

Product Information

product description

The Finlux 42F7020-D

This Full HD Finlux 42F7020-D 42-inch LED 3D TV turns any room into an entertainment hub thanks to breathtaking 3D action. You’ll also have full access to showcase your videos, photos and music via USB, a wide range of Freeview channels to keep you occupied as well as being able to pause, rewind and record live TV with one button!

Enjoy Breath-taking 3D action

Passive 3D technology for easy prolonged 3D viewing

We use passive 3D technology on our TVs as we feel it’s the best form of 3D suited for the home. Our Passive 3D delivers a flicker-free three-dimensional viewing experience by creating the illusion of 3D images by restricting the light that reaches each eye. Our glasses contain a pair of polarizing filters which allows similarly polarized light to pass through to each eye, resulting in each eye seeing a separately polarized image, producing a 3D effect. This is opposed to the Active 3D technology which requires glasses that need battery power to flicker between each of your eyes and are heavier to wear.

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Switch effortlessly between 2D and 3D

Our 3D TVs perform just as well when playing 2D content and will default to a standard picture when not connected to a 3D Source such as a 3D Blu-ray player or 3D channels. Therefore, if you watch mainly 2D content then you’ll still experience our finest 2D picture quality without having to press a button!

Comes with an Incredible 8 pairs of comfortable passive glasses

Rather than give you a couple of pairs with the TV, then expecting you to buy further pairs of glasses so you can enjoy the 3D action with the whole family, Finlux thinks the fun should be shared and give you an incredible 8 pairs of glasses free with every 3D TV! Just like the type you’d use in the cinema, our glasses are light and comfortable so you won’t get tired wearing them during a movie session.

Pause Live TV and Record up to 7 days in advance!

Pause live TV, fast forward through the Ads, or rewind your favourite bits

Stay in control of your TV viewing thanks to our PVR functionality. If you were to get a phone call during your favourite show, you can simply press pause on the remote and your show will wait whilst you catch-up on all the gossip. You can even fast-forward and rewind too if you want to catch-up or skip through the advert break Plus, if something really interesting comes on that you want to show someone else at a later date, simply hit the record button and the TV will record the show onto your USB drive!

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All you’ll need to start using our PVR feature is a USB Storage device plugged into one of the USB Ports on the side of the TV. We recommend a USB device with storage between 8GB and 32GB for ample recording capacity.

Using the 7-day EPG – plan your week’s recordings

The days of planning your social life around the TV schedule is over! With our PVR you can plan the next 7 days’ worth of TV you want to record via the electronic programme guide, selecting what you want to record via a press of a button.

Playback your favourite shows at your leisure

When you get some spare time to catch-up on all your recordings, you can play them back from the list of shows you’ve chosen. You can fast forward and rewind your way through them too, again – avoiding any adverts if you wish.

Seriously well-connected TVs

4x HDMI ports to connect all your AV devices at once

A generous four HDMI inputs ensure you’ll have enough ports to allow you to connect multiple AV sources to your TV such as your home cinema system, games console, blu- ray player, set-top box and a laptop. You’ll also be able to switch between sources in an instant via your remote.

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Playback your favourite shows, music or photos via USB

If you connect a USB storage device into your TV you’ll be able to enjoy watching and listening to your downloaded content via your TV. The media browser feature allows you to select video or music playback, to browse through your photo library and also access your recordings list.

Don’t worry – there’s still a Scart connection…

If you still have older AV equipment and still need Scart inputs, all Finlux TVs come with at least one Scart socket so you can still connect and enjoy your old favourites.

Incredibly easy to set-up and get watching

Our TVs are incredibly easy to set up and get running. Just plug the TV in to the mains and connect an aerial into the TV or a Set-top box and you’re on your way! A set-up screen will appear which will guide you through sorting out your settings and channel set-up.

Hook up your Laptop to enjoy great online content in comfort

You can connect your laptop to your TV via either an HDMI cable or VGA lead in order to watch a movie, surf the web in style or showcase a presentation for work.

No Problems Mounting

Fancy having your new TV up on your wall? This TV can be wall mounted very easily. Check out its VESA wall mount classification in the specification for its specific measurements or simply choose one of the two types of wall bracket we have for this sized TV. We stock either a tilting option which will allow you to move the TV up and down on the wall to adjust to different viewing positions, or a fixed bracket.

Remotely simple

Our remotes are designed to be very straight forward to use and clear enough for users of all ages to take control.

For peace of mind

All our TVs come with a 12 months warranty. Any defect caused by faulty materials or workmanship will be repaired free of charge where possible during this period by Finlux. If a repair is deemed not possible then the product will be replaced free of charge. You can also extend this warranty towards the end of the cover to a further year, two years or four extra years.

Stunning Picture Clarity

Full HD enjoyment

Enjoy the finest details of your favourite movies thanks to a Full HD 1080p screen resolution. You’ll experience HD programmes in all their glory, as well as stunning clarity when connected to a Full HD source such as a Blu-ray player or Games console.

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Bright, Clear and Sharp LED technology

This TV features LED back lighting to deliver a brighter, clearer picture quality. LED TVs create greater contrast ratios – making black appear blacker – leading to a sharper image. In addition, they also consume less power than similarly- sized LCD and Plasma TVs and are mercury free.

Built-in Freeview Tuner

An integrated Freeview tuner will allow you to watch all your favourite shows from over 80 TV and 20 radio stations across the country – without the need for an additional set-top box.

product specification
Screen size 42"
Type of screen LED Backlight LCD screen
Freeview or Freesat tuner Freeview
Number of HDMI ports 4 HDMI ports
Number of scart ports 2 Scarts
3D Yes
Connections USB
Connections VGA