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FiiO E17 and FiiO E09K reviews

Welcome to the FiiO E17 plus E9 bundle. Because of popular demand we offer the best of two worlds in one gr... See full description.
  • USB
  • DAC

Product Information

product description

Welcome to the FiiO E17 plus E9 bundle. Because of popular demand we offer the best of two worlds in one great bundle. The desktop amplifier FiiO E9 together with the E17 top selling portable amplifier.

Enjoy !!

FiiO E17 INFO: The FiiO E17 Alpen portable headphone amplifier with USB audio decoder (DAC) is designed for dual-functionality. The E17 Alpen both replaces PC on-board sound cards as the primary audio decoder which can lead to an increase in audio quality as well as provide high quality sound amplification and drive high-powered high-end headphones. The E17 Alpen supports different inputs including optical and coaxial. The E17 Alpen is a step up from the older FiiO E7 providing a wider support for various input devices as well as overall more functionality and control. The E17 Alpen was built to be a much more complete product than the E10. The most significant addition was the ability for it to serve as a portable headphone amplifier. With batteries built into the Alpen you can unplug it from USB and take it for a spin together with your iPod. In addition to that they also added features such as coaxial and toslink digital inputs. The Alpen is the successor to the E7 and there are great improvements on aspects other than just the sound.

FiiO E9 INFO: FiiO E9 Portable Headphone Amplifier The FiiO E9 is a full sized headphone amplifier. Its unique design allows for the docking and charging of the FiiO E7 DAC. With two audio jacks a 3.5mm and a 6.5mm you can chose the output to suit your preference. The 3.5mm plug this jack has a lower output range for 5dB under the same volume condition to prevent the headphone or hearing damage due to the high range of output. The gain switch allows you to customize the output your headphones receive – pull the switch upward for high gain suitable for headphones with high impedance or low sensitivity; or flick it down for low gain suitable for low impedance or high sensitivity headphones.

product specification
MP3 Connectivity USB
MP3 Connectivity DAC
Height in mm 96
Width in mm Width: 149mm
Depth in mm 56
Weight (kg) 0.44