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EA Dead Space 3 reviews

Isaac Clarke returns once more to the sprawling Dead Space universe to take on the Necromorph in EA’s... See full description.

Product Information

product description

Isaac Clarke returns once more to the sprawling Dead Space universe to take on the Necromorph in EA’s long awaited Dead Space 3.

Brand new worlds

Set two months after escaping the Sprawl you must explore the violent wilderness of the ice planet Tau Volantis searching for a way to suppress the continuing Necromorph outbreaks. Guide Isaac through a host of stunning new environments and battle a range of new enemies as you venture deeper into the Ice Planet in this highly-rated third-person shooter.

Improved controls

Existing controls have been improved to make Clarke more agile and responsive than previous versions, and for the first time characters are able to take cover for a more organic and exhilarating gaming experience.

Custom weapons

Get to grips with familiar Dead Space weapons and discover a brand new arsenal, expanding the weapons bench feature from previous games. Create your own custom weapons to take down enemies, sharing custom weapons online and in Co-op mode.

New enemies

Continuing the battle against the returning Necromorph horde, you are also introduced to a large cast of new and exciting enemies. Fight your way through Wasters and Unitology Soliders with increased AI to react and engage in various different ways depending on how they are dismembered.

Co-op play

Seamless Co-op play gives you drop-in and drop-out gameplay in campaign mode as you control either Isaac Clarke or merciless EarthGov Sergeant John Carver in your journey to stop the Markers. Unlock additional story details and game mechanics only available when playing as Carver.

With the addictive gameplay and jaw-dropping visuals of the previous games the backdrop of the ice planet Tau Volantis, Dead Space 3 is a compelling Sci-fi horror story with a gripping campaign and multiplayer options that will leave even the most ardent gamers impressed.