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DrayTek Vigor 3300V Multi-WAN Firewall with VoIP reviews

Vigor 3300V High Performance Firewall, Load-Balancer, VPN & VoIP Device The DrayTek Vigor 3300V is... See full description.
  • VoIP
  • 4 Nov 2008

Product Information

product description

Vigor 3300V High Performance Firewall, Load-Balancer, VPN & VoIP Device

The DrayTek Vigor 3300V is an 4-Port Load-Balancing Router providing a robust firewall, QoS management, VPN Tunnelling and flexible multiple WAN interfaces for load balancing/WAN backup. The Vigor 3300V provides extensive cross-compatibility with 3rd party products and each major feature has extensive configuration options to provide great flexibility. Click here for a map of the product’s Web Interface menu.

The Vigor 3300V also has up to eight Voice-over-IP ports (via optional plug-in modules), providing PSTN integration and PBX facilities to provide a complete VoIP office solution.

Main Features:

  • Robust & Comprehensive Firewall
  • Four WAN Ports
    Connect up to four Internet feeds for increased Internet bandwidth, load-balancing, fault-tolerance and redunancy.
  • Up to eight optional VoIP (Voice-over-IP) ports
    FXS (Phone Ports) or FXO (Line Ports) provide PSTN and VoIP integration.
  • High Performance VPN Server
    Up to 128 simultaneous IPSec VPN Tunnels with high security encryption managed by a dedicated VPN co-processor.
  • Port Based VLAN or 802.1q based VLAN, supporting multiple independent or common LAN subnets.
  • Physical DMZ Ports
    Up to three of the WAN ports can be alternatively configured to be hardware DMZ ports for the isolated hosting of a public-facing server.
  • QoS Assurance
    Quality of Service assurance allows you to set different priorities for different types of Internet traffic to ensure that your mission critical connectivity can always get as much of the available Internet bandwidth as it needs.
  • Content Filtering
    The Vigor 3300V has several levels of Internet filtering including URL-keyword blocking and more comprehensive complete Surfcontrol™ category-based filtering.

Robust Firewalling

The Vigor 3300V employs full Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) to help protect your network from intruders, rogue data and other potential attacks. In additional Dos (Denial-of-Service) and DDoS (Distributed DoS) attacks are protected against by robust coding, allowances for known attacks (e.g. SYN, ICMP Flood, Port Scanning etc.) and algorithms to detect specific rogue data patterns or protocol anomolies. By default, the firewall blocks all incoming data (except where it is an reply to outgoing request) and allows all outgoing data. The user can create specific packet filters to further restrict external/internal access. The Vigor 3300V also provides full NAT/PAT operation enabling you to run your private network on a private subnet.

Content Filtering & Parental Control

The Vigor 3300V has several levels of Internet and IP filtering. At the TCP/IP level, the firewall allows you to block specific internal or external IP addresses (or subnets) from being reached but the Vigor 3300V’s actual content filtering can provide application level control. In simple use, you can prevent access to web URLs which contain certain keywords by entering them into the router (e.g. ‘hotmail’ etc.). You can also block users from downloading potentially harmful java applets, EXE/ZIP/Multimedia files, cookies or using web proxies.
For more comprehensive protection, you can use Surfcontrol™ filtering, also known as Parental Control which permits access only to web sites within your selected categories (e.g. adult, gambling, news etc.). You can also exclude all ‘uncategorised’ sites. The Surfcontrol online database is continuously updated with new web sites, each one being categorised by Surfcontrol researchers. A 30-day trial licence is supplied with the Vigor 3300V; renewal is subject to an annual subscription fee – currently from approximately £25 (subject to change; Surfcontrol is an independent organsiation to DrayTek).

product specification
USB Hub No
VoIP Yes
Release date 4 Nov 2008