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Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional 10.0 Education Only reviews

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Professional is the ideal solution for faculty and staff of educational institu... See full description.
  • 1000 MHZ minimum
  • Intel Pentium

Product Information

product description

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Professional is the ideal solution for faculty and staff of educational institutions who want to work faster and smarter.
Key feature benefits of Dragon Professional over Dragon Preferred:

With Dragon Voice Shortcuts for Web and Desktop Search, users can search the Web or a specific Web site for information, products, videos, images and more with a single voice command such as, “Search Web for financial management resources.” But only Dragon Professional extends this convenient feature to email and calendar entry.

At any time, no matter what is active on the screen, you can automatically create and address an email. For example, if a user is reviewing a Web site and finds some statistics that they want to share with colleagues, they simply say, “Send email to Jon Smith,” and Dragon will activate their email program, create a new email and enter the appropriate contact names in the “To:” box. Similarly, a command to "Schedule meeting sparks Dragon to jumpstart the process by opening a new calendar entry in Outlook and adding to it the selected contact(s) or contact lists.

Preferred enables users to save time by inserting short text and graphics (such as a signature) into a document with simple voice but only Professional offers complete support of macros meaning Professional users can create simple voice commands that are used to speed the creation of documents or perform repetitive tasks.

DragonTemplates with Voice Fields.

Users can easily create document templates that can be filled out by voice and can create custom commands so that Dragon will insert specific text, formatted text, images — or combination of all three – into a document when the user issues the command.

Macro recorder:

Dragon “records” a user’s mouse and keyboard strokes and movements. Users can then give this macro a command name to initiate it. Every time a user says this command, the computer will repeat the exact mouse movements and keyboard strokes that were previously recorded.

Step by Step Macros.

These macros allow users to build keyboard shortcut commands without having to know how to write Visual Basic. Users can choose different keyboard combinations for the purpose of completing different tasks. Each step of the command can type text, press a keyboard key, open an application, or turn the microphone on or off.

Advanced Scripting.

Using Visual Basic, users can custom build macros to complete virtually any task that would normally be completed with the keyboard and mouse. The benefit is the ability to build macros to complete repeatable tasks that would normally take multiple keyboard combinations and mouse clicks. Users can create commands with complex lists and variables as well.

For example, consider a document or report that is created every day that maybe emailed to a certain person(s) as well as sent via fax. A Dragon Professional user can build a single command that saves the file, sends it to the email recipients, and faxes the document to the appropriate number so the task takes far less time with the ability to build a voice command to automate the task and streamline the overall workflow.

product specification
Compatibility microsoft Vista
Compatibility Windows XP
Compatibility Windows 2000
Compatibility Windows Server 2003
Minimum Processor Speed 1000 MHZ minimum
Minimum Operating System Intel Pentium
Media format DVD-ROM storage
Minimum RAM 512 GB Minimum
Number of discs 1