Denon DVD3800BD reviews

2 customer reviews
Photo of Denon DVD3800BD Blu Ray Player
  • Photo of Denon DVD3800BD Blu Ray Player
  • Photo of Denon DVD3800BD Blu Ray Player
  • Photo of Denon DVD3800BD Blu Ray Player
  • Photo of Denon DVD3800BD Blu Ray Player
  • Photo of Denon DVD3800BD Blu Ray Player

This blu-Ray player is a good all rounder.

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7.0 out of 10 based on 2 reviews.
DivX playback See full product description

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Product Features

3D No
Playback formats DivX
Playback formats DVD-RW
Playback formats DVD-R
Playback formats DVD Plus RW
Playback formats DVD Plus R
Upscaling Yes
Number of HDMI ports 1
Number of scart ports 0
Release date 2008-12-08

Also known as: DVD-3800BD, Denon DVD-3800BD


Manufacturer's Description

Blu-ray Disc™ DVD/CD Player

Experience high definition the way only Denon can deliver it. This advanced Blu-ray/DVD/CD player features the Realta sxT2 HQV processor and HDMI 1.3a for exceptional video quality with Deep Color support, and the Denon D.D.S.C.-HD circuitry for the highest level of audio decoding so you get master-quality sound with exceptional dynamic range.

Advanced Video/Imaging Capabilities

  • 10-bit Realta HQV video processor for advanced i/p scaling and video post-processing for DVD and BD
  • 1080p/24fps output and Multi-Cadence Detection for accurate i/p conversion
  • HDMI 1.3a output with 36-bit Deep Color support
  • Latest Analog Devices Video DACs

Incomparable Audio Support

  • Denon D.D.S.C.-HD internally decodes new higher-quality surround Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD Master Audio soundtracks and can pass new HD audio formats via bit stream to compatible receivers
  • Dual 32-bit floating point DSP Burr Brown PCM-1796 audio decoders for all channels and Advanced AL24 processing for greater dynamic range
  • Master clock design for accurate processing and reduced jitter noise

Advanced Interactivity

  • Bonus View functionality, providing simultaneous audio and video options for greater interactivity

Unparalleled Digital Media Disc support

  • Blu-ray, DVD-Video , DVD-R/RW, and CD Audio playback
  • Decoding of MP3/WMA files on CD-R/RW and DVD-R/RW
  • JPEG/Kodak/Fuji photo disc support
  • DivX ver.6 support
  • SD card slot

Rigid Construction for Pure Playback

  • Multi-layered construction with dual-layered top shields and triple-layered bottom shields eliminates outside noise and vibration
  • Newly developed transport mechanism and Suppress Vibration Hybrid (S.V.H.) loader stabilize disc drive for accurate playback

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