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This amplifier is a good all rounder.

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Product Features

Continuous Output Power (Watts) 150
MP3 Connectivity Yes
Remote control Yes
Weight (kg) 9

Manufacturer's Description

Discretely constructed 7 channel amplifier delivering 150 W per channel for your entertainment. The newly developed and carefully soundtuned power amp lets you enjoy surround sound in a new dimension. A comprehensive network feature range including AirPlay and Spotify plus a 4k and 3D video capability on board are only some of the reasons which make it the perfect solution to enjoy every sound, every source, every moment. The extended feature set makes this unit the center piece of your home entertainment system and all can be controlled nicely by the Denon Remote app for iOS or Android devices. Of course an easy to use remote comes with the unit and the Graphical User Interface (GUI) makes daily operation an easy task. The AVR-2113 is even equipped with the multi-room audio function that provides pre-outs for a second zone or lets you assign 2 of the amplifier’s 7 channels to another room.

Featuring a 7.1 output, the Denon AVRX2000 creates a true wrap-around soundstage. As you’d expect from Denon, the AVR-X2000 has also been designed with sound quality as a priority. At the heart of this Denon AV receiver is fully discrete amplification. With 95 watts for each of the 7 channels, the AVRX2000 has ample power to drive most speakers to high levels in all but the largest of rooms. Thanks to a Compressed Audio Restorer feature, the Denon also enhances the sound of lower bit rate audio, such as MP3s. The AVRX2000 comes equipped with 4K upscaling and pass through, allowing this receiver to be truly future proof. Along with 1080p upscaling to give you the best image quality with Full HD TVs and projectors. Thanks to its wide range of networking capabilities, the Denon AVRX2000 is much more than a standard AV receiver. Simply connect to your home network using an Ethernet connection and you can access thousands of Internet radio sites via vTuner as well as subscription services such as Spotify and Additionally, this Denon wonder is DLNA 1.5 compatible, letting you stream from other sources such as your laptop or NAS drive. Where the AVRX2000 really scores over many rivals is in also offering Apple’s AirPlay wireless music system. The AVRX2000 has no fewer than seven HDMI inputs for full compatibility with your complete system. They’re also compatible with 3D and ARC (Audio Return Channel) for a less cluttered cable connection. There is also an iPod/iPhone Digital USB connection. Finally, for music in another room, you can choose from active or passive Zone 2 outputs. Thanks to its set-up assistant and an advanced GUI (Graphic User Interface) display, setting up the AVR-X2000 is easier than ever. With the higher spec MultEQ XT technology it’s also better, too. The Denon AVR-X2000 also features the option of an app based control.

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