Dell Studio XPS 16 C2D T6400 reviews and prices: 16" Laptop computer

11 customer reviews
Photo of Dell Studio XPS 16 C2D T6400  Laptop

This laptop is a good all rounder.

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8.4 out of 10 based on 11 reviews.
Dell Studio XPS 16 C2D T6400 with Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 2 GHz Dual Core Processor, 4GB of Memory and 320GB Storage on Windows Vista Home Premium. DVD drive See full product description

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Some customer reviews of Dell Studio XPS 16 C2D T6400

Most helpful reviews

Confirmed purchaser

Score 8.0/10
Good points:
we like the illuminated keyboard and the kids like the features with the webcam
Bad points:
it gets very hot when in use, particularly when on a soft surface
Overall rating 8.0
Battery life 4.0
Design 8.0
Size and weight 7.0
Performance 8.0
Value for money 6.0
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2 of 3 people found this review helpful

Confirmed purchase: 12 May 2009

Confirmed purchaser likes a bargain

Score 9.0/10
Good points:
great performance and great looks, whats not to like?
Bad points:
gets v hot and battery life not great.
Overall rating 9.0
Battery life 5.0
Design 10.0
Size and weight 9.0
Performance 10.0
Value for money 10.0
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3 of 4 people found this review helpful

Confirmed purchase: 06 May 2009

mohamed, Swindon

Score 7.0/10
Good points:
Bad points:
battery life
Overall rating 7.0
Battery life 4.0
Design 8.0
Size and weight 5.0
Performance 8.0
Value for money 7.0
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2 of 3 people found this review helpful

Confirmed purchase: 04 May 2009

Ian, Chesterfield

Score 10.0/10
Good points:
Fantastic all round computor
Bad points:
Overall rating 10.0
Battery life 10.0
Design 10.0
Size and weight 10.0
Performance 10.0
Value for money 9.0
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7 of 10 people found this review helpful

Confirmed purchase: 02 Apr 2009

Liam, Luton student going to university

Score 9.0/10
Good points:
Great Screen, Good performance, no issues with vista and everything works as it should. Backlit keyboard is a must and well used. Has bluray though havnt used it yet. Speaker quality is awesome, much better than any other dell laptops i've heard.
Bad points:
Fingerprint and dust magnet but no biggeys. Possibly the battery life could be a bite better but with the performance etc im not to worried.
Overall rating 9.0
Battery life 5.0
Design 9.0
Size and weight 9.0
Performance 9.0
Value for money 10.0
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16 of 20 people found this review helpful

Confirmed purchase: 02 Apr 2009

Product Features

Screen size (Inches) 16
Screen Resolution (pixels) 1440 x 900 (WSXGA)
Operating system Windows Vista Home Premium
RAM (Gigabytes) 4
Hard disk capacity (Gigabytes) 320
Number of cores Dual
Processor brand Intel
Processor series Core 2 Duo
Processor number T6400
Processor speed (Gigahertz) 2
Number of USB ports 3
Connections Firewire
Connections Wireless
Built-in disc drive CD-ROM drive
Built-in disc drive DVD drive
Built-in disc drive Blu-ray drive
Card reader 8 in 1 Card Reader
Weight (kg) 2.91
Graphics card brand ATI
Graphics card model number M86XT
Graphics card memory (Megabytes) 512
Type of hard drive Hard Disk Drive
Remote control No
Aspect ratio 16:10
Width in cm 38.48
Depth in cm 25.45
Release date 2009-02-10

Also known as: Dell Studio XPS 16 C2D T6400, Dell Studio XPS 1640

Laptop Buyers Guide  

Manufacturer's Description

Attention to Detail, Undeniably Intriguing
With stunning good looks and performance, the NEW Studio XPS 16 is designed to give you a multimedia laptop that’s sure to turn heads. From the genuine leather accents to the near-seamless design, you’ll be surrounded by elegance. And the 16" ultra widescreen display makes your movies, videos and photos come alive with brilliant color and detail.

Indulge Your Great Taste
The Studio XPSTM 16 is designed with an uncompromising attention to detail and subtle sophistication.

The premium package
The Studio XPS 16 is designed with sophisticated taste in mind. It’s in the smooth contours of the obsidian black, high-gloss finish. The genuine leather, aluminum accents and magnesium alloy enclosure. With every detail, the Studio XPS 16 surrounds you with elegance.

Simply luminescent
The Studio XPS 16 shines a light on features that matter. Its backlit keyboard and touch pad buttons are easy to use, day or night. Keep an eye on your battery power by simply checking the color of the indicator on the hinge. Capacitive multimedia buttons also glow when activated.

Clean and classic
The Studio XPS 16 is engineered for excellence from every angle. Your eye is drawn to the clean lines of the near-seamless design, as well as the incredible edge-to-edge display. From the textured touch pad to the exceptional fit of the custom ports, the Studio XPS 16 conveys quality and refinement.

Indulge Your Great Taste

Extraordinary HD Performance
Your senses come alive with the Studio XPS 16. See the vivid detail of HD movies, videos and pictures, while listening to theater-quality sound.

Enhanced movies and videos
The Studio XPS 16 is designed to deliver the ultimate multimedia experience with full 1080p HD resolution RGB-LED display (optional). Traditional DVDs are upconverted to display with incredible quality, so your favorite movies look better than ever. Or, you can get the full clarity of 1080p from your HD experience with an optional Blu-ray DiscTM.

Ultra Widescreen HD display
Escape from reality with the 16" ultrawidescreen display of the Studio XPS 16. It is optimized for movies with a 16:9 aspect ratio and has a fast 8ms response time for a crisp, clear images during fast-action video & gaming. The optional RGB-LED technology provides 100% color gamut for truer, more vibrant colors. Up to 130-degree viewing angle also lets you share the fun with family and friends.

Eye-popping graphics
With its high-performance ATITM graphics card, the Studio XPS 16 delivers true-to-life entertainment. And your graphics-intensive applications run like a charm. So you can easily create digital content — or just sit back to enjoy it — with unbelievable realism.

Cinematic sound
For extraordinary sound quality, the Studio XPS 16 has premium speakers with an integrated subwoofer and 5.1 Dolby® Digital outputs.

Endless Entertainment
The Studio XPS 16 gives you superior multimedia in a portable package.

Ready to move
With a starting weight of 6.4 lbs.* (2.91 kg), the Studio XPS 16 makes it easy to be entertained from virtually anywhere. You have the connections you need, from WiFi to optional Bluetooth® to Gigabit Ethernet to optional Mobile Broadband.

Power That Lasts
Use the illuminated battery charge indicator to stay apprised of your power status.

Endless Entertainment
Face-to-face communication The Studio XPS 16 offers an integrated webcam and dual-array microphones, so you can easily stay in touch with friends and interact with the online community.

Help protect your files with a smile
Why worry about forgetting your password? Facial recognition security software lets you log onto your laptop with a simple scan of your face. It automatically locks your laptop when you step away, and unlocks it upon your return.

Peace of Mind Comes Standard
Superior service comes with every Dell Studio XPSTM product. Dell XPS technicians pass rigorous XPS product-specific training, and support calls are normally answered in less than 2 minutes.
You can also count on the latest virus and spyware protection, one year of Dell DataSafeTM online backup services, and 24×7 support. In short, the ownership experience is just like the machine itself — top-of-the-line.

Dell Support Center
Keeps your system up-to-date and running efficiently through automated fixes for common issues.

DellConnectTM 2 Remote Assistance
Simplify troubleshooting and repair by enabling a Dell service associate to diagnose issues and resolve issues over the Internet.

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