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Cowon iAudio O2 32GB MP3 Player Reviews

Cowon iAudio have consistently delivered high quality ground breaking players such as the incredible A3 the... See full description.
  • 32GB Storage
  • FM radio function

Product Information

product description

Cowon iAudio have consistently delivered high quality ground breaking players such as the incredible A3 the first Portable Media Player that was able to support High Definition content. The latest player in this long line of quality media players is the Cowon iAudio O2. Based on the adaptable and flexible solid state flash memory the O2 is incredibly robust and isn’t affected by jarring bumps or knocks – no more skipping sound or picture break-up. Without the need for moving parts the battery life increases to 18 hours for music playback or 8 hours for movies made even more remarkable by the vibrancy of the 4.3" 16.7 million colour TFT screen. Best of all unlike other portable media players which restrict you to specific formats or time consuming conversions the O2 liberates you with native support for virtually all of the most popular video formats. Hi-Def DVD-rips downloads or recordings – there’s almost nothing that you can throw at it that it can’t play thanks to the Da Vinci chipset that Cowon utilize to ensure quick and stable playback of all it’s supported Codecs. Whilst you’re assured of your files being able to be played instantly all Cowon aficionados have come to expect superb class leading sound and audio quality and peerless format support. With a jaw dropping 64mW of sound output (32mW per channel) the Cowon O2 punches like a heavyweight champion whilst Cowon’s famous JeffEffect audio enhancement technologies direct sound with the dexterity balance and precision of a featherweight. An unsurpassed range of audio formats are supported including MP3 WMA AC3 AAC FLAC OGG Vorbis OGG FLAC APPLE Lossless True Audio Monkey Audio MusePack WavPack G.726 and PCM.

product specification
Hard disk capacity 32GB Storage
Extra functions FM radio function
Playback formats AAC playback
Playback formats AVI playback
Playback formats DivX playback
Playback formats MP3 playback
Playback formats MPEG 4 playback
Playback formats OGG playback
Playback formats WAV playback
Playback formats WMA playback
Playback formats WMV playback
Touchscreen Yes
Recording format Direct from radio recording
Music playtime 18 hour music playback
Video playtime 8 Hours
Display technology TFT
WiFi No
Bluetooth No
Vertical resolution 272 Pixels
Horizontal resolution 480 Pixels
Weight (g) 205g