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Cowon D3 MP3 Player Reviews

This premium MP3 player has many features that will leave you tingling with excitement: Wifi, Android OS, 3... See full description.
  • 16GB Storage
  • 32GB Storage

Product Information

product description

This premium MP3 player has many features that will leave you tingling with excitement: Wifi, Android OS, 3.7 AMOLED Screen, Full HD Video Compatibility (HDMI TV Out, D3 Screen Resolution: 800×480) and much more…
The Display Screen of your Dreams

The Cowon D3 boasts an astonishing 3.7 Inch, Full HD, AMOLED ‘Touch Sensitive’ display screen.

With the ability to playback Full HD (1920 × 1080) videos this vivid display will have you looking over your cherished pictures and videos for hours on end – never before have your memories seemed so clear.

3.7 Inch AMOLED

The D3 is home to a super responsive 3.7 Inch AMOLED screen. Why AMOLED? Because its quite simply stunning! The AMOLED delivers highly defined, sharp and vibrant images. By using this technology the use of a backlight is eliminated, letting each individual pixel produce light themselves giving a smoother, yet faster transition than can be achieved using a LCD screen.

Jet Effect 3.0 & BBE+

With Cowon comes Superior Sound Quality – the D3 doesn’t break the trend. If you are looking for Audiophile quality the D3 will suit your perfectly, the D3 has the ability to reproduce your digital audio collection at standards that will leave your ears lusting for more, more and more – Golden Ears (Cowon CEO) has done it again.

You can tweak your audio in many different ways, what you want to hear is your choice and Cowon give you the opportunity to choose how you listen to your music. With over 39 EQ Presets the music is yours for the changing – Boost that bass, clean-up those trebles and enjoy the smoothy flowing midrange the choice is yours. The famous BBE+ Sound architecture is a range of processes that give an incredible reproduction of good quality sources and gives those low quality sources a boost where it is much needed. Tweak the sound reproduction and get the ultimate listening experience.

Android & WiFI

Want an easy-to-use no nonsense system? The D3 again delivers.

Going the extra mile seems to be Cowon’s philosophy with the D3. Utilising the renowned Android OS, the D3 is simple to use and gives fast and convenient access to WiFi. Access your email, calendar appointments or stream videos over the net. The D3 lets you all access areas.

product specification
Hard disk capacity 16GB Storage
Hard disk capacity 32GB Storage
Playback formats MPEG 4 playback
WiFi Yes
WiFi Yes
Bluetooth Yes