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Photo of Corel Photo & Video Suite X5 Software
  • Photo of Corel Photo & Video Suite X5 Software
  • Photo of Corel Photo & Video Suite X5 Software
  • Photo of Corel Photo & Video Suite X5 Software

This software is a good all rounder.

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8.0 out of 10 based on 1 review.
PC, 1.8 MHZ minimum See full product description

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Product Features

Compatibility PC
Minimum Processor Speed (MHZ) 1.8
Minimum Operating System Windows XP
Media format DVD
Minimum RAM (GB) 2048

Manufacturer's Description

Now you can fulfil all your video and photography creative needs with Corel Photo and Video Suite X5.

Vivid video
Using this fantastic Photo and Video Suite you’ll find easier and more creative ways to enhance your photos and produce striking video compositions than ever before. For business or pleasure purposes, this editing software is a powerful combination of PaintShop® Pro X5 and VideoStudio® Pro X5 in one comprehensive package.

Editing excellence
Enhancing and compositing is an even greater pleasure with the easy-to-use editing tools and new instant effects in Corel Photo and Video Suite X5. You’ll be able to quickly achieve the transitions and effects you want with the instant settings and options if you’re just starting out or are in a hurry.

There are also pro-level features for more advanced operations and precise effects, so all users are catered for. From the instant effects to high dynamic range (HDR) tools, you’ll be able to edit your photos in a more sophisticated and exciting way.

Photo and Video Suite X5 also offers the facility for you to design graphics and art for use in video, print and the internet. Your videos will also take on a new life as you enhance their content with dynamic visual effects, titles, music, screen recordings, stop-motion animations and much more.

Learn as you work
The beauty of Corel Photo Video Suite X5 is in its built-in learning tools, which provide templates and tutorials to help and guide you as you discover the possibilities of digital photo and video editing, or explore new ways to express yourself.

Share your work easily
With the one-click sharing facility in Corel’s X5 Photo and Video Editor you’ll be able to instantly share your photos and videos directly onto Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook to wow your friends and get your name out there.

Have fun with the creative power of Corel Photo and Video Suite X5 and take your visual creativity to the next level.

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Corel Photo & Video Suite X5 (PC)
Corel Photo & Video Suite X5 (PC)
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  • £86 at 1 retailer out of 422 retailers checked

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