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Chillblast S2000 BTCS2000NP PC Reviews: Winodws 7 Home Premium Computer

New from Chillblast, manufacturer of the world’s fastest desktop computers, is the Fusion S2000 PC; a... See full description.
  • Winodws 7 Home Premium
  • 8GB of Memory

Product Information

product description

New from Chillblast, manufacturer of the world’s fastest desktop computers, is the Fusion S2000 PC; a superb machine designed to cater for the needs of modern Students and Families. Intel’s powerful Ivy Bridge cored i3 3220 processor offers fantastic performance in office and multimedia creation applications and delivers the power required for advanced IT courses. Its dual core processor means you can multitask effectively as well. The included GT 630 video card means you can connect multiple monitors for better productivity as well as enjoy the latest games at a superior level of detail. Chillblasts unique experience with performance enhancement means that this system offers performance in a different league to similarly priced competition.

A compact ATX case and 500W PSU help to keep things cool, and the Asus P8B75-M LX motherboard offers a wealth of features including USB 3.0. A generous allocation of 8GB of RAM is provided, but for power users it can be increased in the future to a massive 16GB. 1000GB of hard disk space provides plenty of space for the installation of your software and vast collections of music and photos. A quality Cherry Keyboard and Mouse is also included.

product specification
Operating system Winodws 7 Home Premium
RAM 8GB of Memory
Hard disk capacity 1000GB Storage
Number of cores 2 Core Processor
Processor brand Intel
Processor series Core i3
Processor number 3230
Processor speed 3.3 GHz
Graphics card brand nVidia
Graphics card model number Gforce
Graphics card model number GeForce GT 630
Graphics card memory 1000MB
Built-in disc drive DVD-Writer