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Canon DC100 reviews: DVD storage SD camcorder

Canon’s new DC100 DVD camcorder – widescreen DVD movies made easy The DC100 is Canon’s new, easy-to-... See full description.
  • SD
  • 1024x768 pixels

Product Information

product description

Canon’s new DC100 DVD camcorder – widescreen DVD movies made easy

The DC100 is Canon’s new, easy-to-use entry-level DVD (-R/-RW) camcorder, capable of recording both video and still images straight to disc. Engineered for true widescreen recording, the camcorder’s CCD uses all of its horizontal pixels to capture panoramic movies perfectly suited to playback on the very latest widescreen TVs. With a simple, one-push button to choose between 16:9 and standard 4:3 shooting, it has never been easier to make your own great looking widescreen movies on DVD.

The DC100 is a perfect, take-anywhere family camcorder for video and still capture. It features:

  • Widescreen movies and high quality stills captured straight to high capacity DVD (-R/-RW)
  • High power 25x optical (1000x digital) zoom lens with Electronic Image Stabilisation and variable zoom speeds
  • DIGIC DV image processor, providing dual signal paths for video and stills, recording vibrant colours just as you remember them
  • Ultra compact and lightweight design for perfect portability
  • Convenient, built in sliding lens cover to ensure you’ll never lose the lens cap again

True widescreen
The DC100, like all of Canon’s new camcorders, is widescreen-ready. Delivering High Resolution widescreen video, the camcorder also has a 2.7” widescreen colour LCD screen, allowing you to see how the footage you’re recording will appear on a widescreen TV. Along with a wide colour viewfinder and a one-push button to switch aspect ratios, the DC100 is a versatile performer suitable for a variety of uses.

The convenience of DVD combined with a powerful 25x zoom
The convenience of recording straight to DVD takes the hassle out of making great looking movies – simply finalise the disc on-camera, then play it back on a home DVD player. Add to that a powerful 25x optical zoom lens, with an additional 1000x digital zoom, and the DC100 gets you close to the action with the minimum of fuss.

Vibrant colours for video and stills
DIGIC DV is Canon’s innovative image processor that provides dual processing paths for video and stills. With two processing paths, DIGIC DV optimises colour reproduction for each – colours remain as vivid and vibrant as you remember them, no matter if you’re recording a movie or taking a snap.

DIGIC DV is a digital signal processor that is unique to Canon camcorders. As a core Canon technology it provides dual path processing of separate video and photo signals in a single camcorder.

Video and still images have different colour requirements, so DIGIC DV processes video and still image signals differently, maximizing each for output. DIGIC DV processing delivers rich and vibrant colours that are faithful to the original shooting subject, whether seen on a television screen or printed out as a photograph.

product specification
Resolution quality SD
Resolution (Pixels) 1024x768 pixels
3D No
Optical zoom ratio 25x optical zoom
Media format DVD storage
Shape of camcorder Horizontally held
Digital zoom ratio 1000x digital zoom
Type of image stabiliser Electronic image stabiliser
Widescreen recording Yes
Shortest shutter speed 1/2000 min. shutter speed
Weight (g) 410g
Screen size 2.7"
Maximum aperture wide 1.8
Lowest focal length 43.6 Millimetres
Highest focal length 1090 Millimetres
Type of chip CCD chip
Release date 1 May 2006