Bowens Gemini 500R Flash (Head)

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Photo of Bowens Gemini 500R Flash (Head) Photography Accessory
  • Photo of Bowens Gemini 500R Flash (Head) Photography Accessory
  • Photo of Bowens Gemini 500R Flash (Head) Photography Accessory
  • Photo of Bowens Gemini 500R Flash (Head) Photography Accessory

This photography accessory is a good all rounder.

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3400g See full product description

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Product Features

Weight (g) 3400

Manufacturer's Description

The Bowens Gemini 500R Flash has been designed to offer photographers not only ultimate creative freedom but unmatched power, durability and control too.

Gemini 500R is packed so full of features is has lead to the the Society for Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP) and the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) have voted it the best studio lighting system and the best location lighting system too!

Take Control
Simplicity is the key with the Gemini 500R with easy digitally accurate control without a confusing menu system. Modelling control is also made simple with one switch, allowing you to set the modelling lamp to any level you desire. Gemini monolights can also be controlled from afar with the Bowens Gemini Remote Control (not included).

Location, Location, Location
The Gemini 500R can be powered from AC mains power in the studio and also by the optional Bowens Travelpak battery system (not included) when you want to go out on location.

Always In-Sync
The unique radio-card facility on the Gemini 500R flash allows Gemini lights to become compatible with the Pulsar Radio Trigger system, much more reliable than an external receiver which can only be as good as its cord connection. The built-in photocell on the Gemini 500R has a ‘smartcell’ option to enable pre-exposure flashes to be ignored. This feature can be used for exposure measurement and, or red eye reduction. The smartcell allows the Gemini unit to be synchronised to the camera shutter. Gemini 500R also has a 1/4" jack socket and the low 5V sync-line means that your camera’s sensitive circuitry is safe.

Full Metal Jacket The Gemini 500R’s tough metal body protects the sophisticated circuitry and high powered capacitors from knocks and bumps which are only natural in hard working studios and during transportation. In addition to the tough exterior, clever software takes care of the interior components as well as the user replaceable Flash Tube and powerful 250W Halostar modelling lamp.

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Bowens Gemini 500R Flash Head
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Bowens BW3910UK Gemini 500R Head
Bowens BW3910UK Gemini 500R Head
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