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Bianchi Oltre XR1 reviews

EXTREME RACING HoC (Hors Category) – Ride beyond limits. The HoC category includes extreme racin... See full description.

Product Information

product description

HoC (Hors Category) – Ride beyond limits. The HoC category includes extreme racing performance carbon frames, optimized to achieve the most efficient power transmission with the best rigidity to weight ratio. The ideal bikes for the most expert riders.Models: Oltre XR.2, Oltre XR.1 ENDURANCE RACING
C2C (Coast to Coast) – Long distances must be covered in the optimal riding position. C2C Frames guarantee maximum performance with minimum stress for the riders, thanks to Bianchi’s special frame design/geometry and different material combination. Models: Infinito CV, Intenso, Vertigo, Impulso, Via Nirone 7

B4P (Born For Performance) – The carbon frames of this family are engineered to combine rigidity and lightweight, featuring
Bianchi’s racing geometry. Versatility is key to the B4P category, to meet the needs of different types of riders.
Models: Sempre Pro DAMA BIANCA
Infinito CV, Intenso, Impulso and Via Nirone 7 satisfy the various levels of performance and price required by the female public with sizes and components adapted to women’s needs following the C2C philosophy. Models: Infinito CV, Intenso, Impulso, Via Nirone 7

These bikes feature special frames to fight against the clock in professional time-trial races or for the second segment of triathlon races. Every model is conceived with aerodynamic profiles for maximum speed. Models: Aquila CV, Pico Carbon, Pico Alu CYCLOCROSS
Mud, grass, steep hills, obstacles and speed. That’s what cyclocross is made of and Bianchi bikes are designed to support riders through challenges of this adrenaline fuelled event. Models: Cavaria, Zolder, Zurigo