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Beko ASP341 reviews and prices: Frost free fridge freezer

If you’re thinking about upgrading your 10 year old fridge-freezer, a Beko ASP341 EcoSmart fridge-fre... See full description.
  • American (Side By Side)
  • A* rated

Product Information

product description

If you’re thinking about upgrading your 10 year old fridge-freezer, a Beko ASP341 EcoSmart fridge-freezer could save you around £11 every year, that’s £110 over 10 years.

Two separate fans and evaporators help to maintain optimal humidity and freshness and ensures there are no transfer of odours between the fridge and freezer.

Multiple air vents in the fridge and freezer maintain an even temperature on every shelf level and rapidly restores the temperature after the door has been opened.

Maintaining a low temperature at around 0ºC; ideal for safely storing fresh and cooked meat and fish for longer.

Brighter, more durable and more energy efficient than a standard bulb, the LED lighting will make it easy to find your food and drink.

There is no need to manually defrost the freezer. This great feature prevents ice building up and restricting valuable storage space.

The chrome wire wine rack is a convenient and stylish way to store your bottles of wine or ideal for 2 litre soft drink bottles. Keeping everyone happy.

Fast freeze is super handy when you have just done your weekly shop and need to quickly freeze your fresh items, helping to preserve nutrients and taste.

This function provides a rapid cooling process while keeping nutritional food values and flavours intact.

product specification
Freezer position American (Side By Side)
Energy efficiency A* rated
Width in cm 91cm wide
Height in cm 182cm high
Depth in cm 72cm deep
Frost free Yes