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Photo of Baumatic BWD1409W Washer Dryer
  • Photo of Baumatic BWD1409W Washer Dryer
  • Photo of Baumatic BWD1409W Washer Dryer
  • Photo of Baumatic BWD1409W Washer Dryer

This washer dryer is a good all rounder.

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9.0 out of 10 based on 1 review.
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Customer reviews of Baumatic BWD1409W

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Confirmed purchaser Busy mum or dad

Score 9.0/10
Good points:
VERY quiet, washes and dries very well, very large capacity and nice big opening. Combined washer/dryer capability is a godsend.

Controls are very easy, quick and obvious to use - for example separate big buttons for temperature, spin speed, dryness (auto sensing), and main programme selector tells you the programme directly rather than having to lookup what an A, B, C cycle is or trying and decipher a symbol.

Doesn't beep annoyingly at the end of a cycle.

Child lock (see bad points though).
Bad points:
Door hinges are a little springy when it reaches the end of motion, swinging open - but this might be deliberate to stop it jarring.

Our 18 month old's little socks are small enough to get sort of between the glass inside of the door and the entranceway and spend most of the wash/dry there. Still come out dry though, and only two fit in at a time.

The top gets very warm, even though we have a gap there. Really probably does need a little ventilation space above it at least.

Child lock doesn't appear to operate when not in a cycle (i.e. powered on but off) - but invaluable and works well when in a cycle.

Had quite a struggle to get the transit bolts out and the instructions aren't clear that there are nylon inserts which are supposed to come out on the end of them (at least, I hope they are!).
Overall rating 9.0
Ease of use 9.0
Features 10.0
Build Quality 8.0
Cycle times 7.0
Noise 10.0
Value for money 9.0
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Confirmed purchase: 05 Oct 2011

Product Features

Construction Freestanding
Drum material Plastic
Energy efficiency A*
Spin efficiency A
Energy Savings Trust feature No
Noise level (Decibels) 41
Height in cm 85
Width in cm 60
Depth in cm 64.5
Release date 2010-09-21
Type of loading Front loading
Revolutions per minute 1400
Water control system Yes
Start delay option Yes
Display Yes
Water Consumption in Litres (60° C) 120
Energy Consumption in kWh (60° C) 1.15

Manufacturer's Description

60 cm Washer Dryer

  • 18 wash programmes
  • 4 drying programmes
  • Wash load: 9kg
  • Dry load: 7 kg
  • Maximum spin speed: 1400 rpm
  • Additional & Special programmes:
    Sport, sprintwash, Hand wash 30°C, Hand wash 40°C, Drum cleaning, rinse, spin, Rinse, Spin, Drain, Extra rinse, Intensive wash, Rinse + Spin, Pre-wash, soak
  • Spin speed regulation
  • Separate temperature regulation
  • LED display
  • Delay start
  • Wash Phase Indicator
  • Digital countdown indicator
  • Electronic control operation
  • Direct drive system
  • Antibacterial surface
  • Air bubble system
  • Failure detection system
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Imbalance control system
  • Overflow protection
  • Foam protection
  • Polypropylene tub
  • Tilted drum
  • Safety lock
  • Blocked filter indicator
  • Indicator of water supply
  • Indicator of door closed
  • 180° door opening
  • Full cover door with window
  • Adjustable feet
  • Energy efficiency class (wash only): A+
  • Energy efficiency class (wash and dry): A
  • Washing performance class: A
  • Water extraction performance class: A
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