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Audyssey AUD010002000102 reviews

The South of Market Audio Dock does it all, but music is what it does best. Designed for unbelievable sound... See full description.
  • iPod
  • iPhone

Product Information

product description

The South of Market Audio Dock does it all, but music is what it does best. Designed for unbelievable sound, plus total integration with your iPhone for wireless music, computer connectivity and customisation in one beautifully streamlined dock.
You’d never expect such big sound from such a small iPod dock. That’s Audyssey Smart Speaker technology: years of innovation in high-end audio packed into one amazing little package. You have to hear it to believe it

Digital Technology

The South of Market Audio Dock uses Audyssey Smart Speaker audio technology to give you flawless sound for your iPhone. Our digital technology ensures rich and balanced tone so you can hear every musical detail: low bass, warm mids and clear highs.

Deeper Bass

Most docks simply make certain bass frequencies louder. Our technology takes bass deeper. It redefines the approach to low frequencies, providing more accurate bass reproduction deeper than anything else this size.

Louder Without Distortion

Four separate amplifiers power our custom-designed speakers for incredibly loud volume. Plus, our technology intelligently improves performance, pushing speakers to the limit without compromising sound quality.

Better for Low Listening

Turn it down without sacrificing sonic quality. Audyssey Smart Speaker technology maintains balanced sound at low volumes where other docks lose bass and clarity.

Consistent Volume

No more ups and downs. Enable Dynamic Volume on the iPhone App and maintain consistent levels from song to song. Turn on the ""Background Listening"" mode for perfect dinner conversation music

Most iPhone doking stations are too wide and awkward to fit where you want them. But at just 5"" wide and 9"" deep, The South of Market Audio Dock is the perfect size for your desk, kitchen or bedside table.

Wireless Music.

Undock your iPhone to text or email and the music never stops. The South of Market Audio Dock features Bluetooth technology, so you can stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Part Speakerphone

Feel free to talk. Dual microphones and voice-processing algorithms improve voice pickup quality to ensure that calls are clear and echo-free, even if your phone is undocked. It even works with GoToMeeting or Skype.

Part Computer Speaker

It’s the only dock that doubles as a desktop speaker. Charge your iPhone or iPod, sync to iTunes via USB, or use the audio input to play music and video from your computer.

Get the App

Customise your sound. Download the free South of Market iPhone App to create personalised EQ curves and tailor the music to your taste. Or use the patented Tilt function to quickly adjust EQ without losing balance and clarity in your music.

product specification
Speaker dock iPod
Speaker dock iPhone
USB port Yes
Weight (kg) 5
Signal input USB
Signal input audio from computer