Asus X550CC-XO108H reviews and prices: 15.6" Laptop computer

47 customer reviews
Photo of Asus X550CC-XO108H Laptop
  • Photo of Asus X550CC-XO108H Laptop
  • Photo of Asus X550CC-XO108H Laptop
  • Photo of Asus X550CC-XO108H Laptop
  • Photo of Asus X550CC-XO108H Laptop
  • Photo of Asus X550CC-XO108H Laptop

This laptop is a good all rounder.

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7.9 out of 10 based on 47 reviews.
Asus X550CC-XO108H with Intel Core i5-3337U 1.8 GHz Quad-Core Core Processor, 8GB of Memory and 1000GB Storage on Windows 8. See full product description

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Some customer reviews of Asus X550CC-XO108H

Most helpful reviews

Liam, Often on the move

Score 2.0/10
Good points:
It is slim
Bad points:
It is not very fast and the windows 8 system is terrible. It was never fast and for all this processing power you would think you could open an application in under 10 seconds.
Overall rating 2.0
Battery life 4.0
Design 6.0
Size and weight 5.0
Performance 2.0
Value for money 4.0
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Confirmed purchase: 29 Sep 2014

B, South West Music, gaming or video fan

Score 7.0/10
Good points:
Lightweight, slim with good battery life.
Bad points:
Only two USB ports on the left, no good if your right handed or use a mouse then one is permanently used.
Feels cheap and plasticky especially the screen hinges. Time will tell!
Trackpad is hit or miss, sometimes it works well other times it's useless (I use a mouse all the time now)
Windows 8 installed, but has to update to Windows 8.1 when turned on (took forever when all you want to do is use your new laptop!) Bought for GoPro video editing on the fly, but reverts back to onboard Intel HD graphics rather than use the Geforce 720m (You can set this in preferences, but seems to change all the time)
Webcam is very grainy even in bright light.
Screen not as sharp as I would have expected. HD Movies look very SD!!
Overall rating 7.0
Battery life 8.0
Design 5.0
Size and weight 9.0
Performance 7.0
Value for money 7.0
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Confirmed purchase: 27 Aug 2014

robert, lincoln Music, gaming or video fan

Score 9.0/10
Good points:
Awesome laptop for the price. Handles games quite well. Can't fault too much.
Bad points:
Battery isn't good on full pelt but you can't expect it too handle too much it's quite a powerful laptop!!
Overall rating 9.0
Battery life 5.0
Design 10.0
Size and weight 8.0
Performance 9.0
Value for money 10.0
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Confirmed purchase: 23 Sep 2014

Timandjo, Business user

Score 8.0/10
Good points:
Price for i5 processer with NVidea graphics unbeatable.
Really quiet and no fan noise - also runs cool even running.
Runs Autodesk Revit just about provided dont expect it to handle any model rendering.
Bad points:
Only 2 usb sockets (inc USB3) - need a separate hub.
Its only a low end NVidea GT720 graphics card
Cant upgrade standard 8gb DD3 ram
Windows 8 NOT pro version - cant downgrade to 7. Got round by installing an app to emulate 7 funtionality.
Overall rating 8.0
Battery life 6.0
Design 8.0
Size and weight 10.0
Performance 8.0
Value for money 10.0
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Confirmed purchase: 17 Sep 2014

Nicky, Business user

Score 1.0/10
Good points:
No favourite points sadly...I'm lumbered with it.........
Bad points:
The I am very disappointed with the computer. The cap lock button is confusing, you cant tell if the lock is on. And the key board is heavy!!!! I hate this computer!!!
What can I do.........My old Tossiba was better!!!!!
Overall rating 1.0
Battery life 10.0
Design 4.0
Size and weight 9.0
Performance 3.0
Value for money 2.0
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Confirmed purchase: 16 Aug 2014

Mike, Broadstone Music, gaming or video fan

Score 9.0/10
Good points:
great value, the one we had does not have any problem with the touch pad its fine
Bad points:
the battery would last longer if it had a Haswell but for the price its good
Overall rating 9.0
Battery life 7.0
Design 10.0
Size and weight 10.0
Performance 10.0
Value for money 10.0
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Confirmed purchase: 14 Sep 2014

Kevin, Houghton Le Spring General home user

Score 9.0/10
Good points:
I bought this laptop for my son who is starting his A levels. It's a well spec'd machine, light and a fantastic price.
It performs well running the games my son plays (world of tanks etc) and runs all the graphic applications for his photography really well. Apart from the trial version of MS Office and McAfee antivirus it's not full of any useless "bundled garbage" software.
My son has taken the switch from Windows 7 to Windows 8 better than I was expecting, so he now knows more about windows 8 than I do. I suggest anyone not familiar with windows 8 takes the time to go through the supplied tutorial/guide rather than trying to figure things out by themselves through trial and error.
One aspect we did struggle with was the upgrade to windows 8.1 - I think this was caused by us updating all the drivers, including the video driver, before we started the process.
We encountered a "BSOD" on the final reboot sequence, complaining about an incompatible driver.
After about 4 attempts we ended up having to disable the possible culprits, including the video driver in the device manager, before the upgrade would work. Following the upgrade to 8.1, we enabled the devices and installed the latest drivers no problem.
I also bought the ASUS wireless mouse (windows 8) compatible (5 button) - some mice don't state they are Win8 compatible so err'd on the side of caution - just in case.
Only other thing from me is that the caps lock lights is bottom left whereas I am used to them being top right (or on the key) - but it's not me that will be using it much.
I can't comment much on the battery life as it's either used at home for short periods on battery or plugged in or
at 6th form for short periods on battery, so around 3-4 hours usage is enough - the power options let you manage system performance so you can adjust this to stretch out the time more and enable sleep etc if left unattended on battery.
Overall, my son is very happy with the machine and we would highly recommend it.
Bad points:
Upgrade to Win8.1 was a pain but got there in the end.
Caps lock lights at bottom left.
Overall rating 9.0
Battery life 8.0
Design 9.0
Size and weight 10.0
Performance 9.0
Value for money 10.0
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Confirmed purchase: 01 Sep 2014

Product Features

Screen size (Inches) 15.6
Operating system Windows 8
RAM (Gigabytes) 8
Hard disk capacity (Gigabytes) 1000
Number of cores Quad-Core
Processor brand Intel Core
Processor series i5-3337U
Processor speed (Gigahertz) 1.8
Connections Wi-Fi
Connections Bluetooth
Laptop Buyers Guide  

Manufacturer's Description

On most notebooks, all sound frequencies originate from small onboard speakers. The resulting audio comes from a single source and lacks distinctiveness. Like other notebooks in the ASUS range, the X Series comes equipped with SonicMaster technology and ASUS AudioWizard to bring you high fidelity audio. Experience omnidirectional sound and hear each individual instrument’s nuances with the X Series.

The ASUS Golden Finger team puts natural interfaces first, developing standards far beyond industry average. This assures ASUS provides the most comfortable and responsive experiences in every application and at all times. The X Series has a large touchpad equipped with Smart Gesture technology for quick and precise response across a wide range of touch inputs. The ergonomic seamless one-piece keyboard is designed to provide you the most comfortable typing experience.

ASUS WebStorage ensures you get access to your data and files on any device that has an internet connection. With ASUS WebStorage, your files are automatically kept up-to-date and synced across various devices; you can share photos and videos with friends and family, and stream your music and movies to your device. The X550 comes with two years of free 32GB of ASUS WebStorage.

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