Asus PA249Q reviews and prices: : 24" Monitor

3 customer reviews

This monitor is a good all rounder.

£421 – £514 at 7 retailers out of 422 retailers checked

7.7 out of 10 based on 3 reviews.
Asus PA249Q: 24" 1200 x 1920 LED screen with HDMI and . See full product description

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Product Features

Screen size (Inches) 24
Type of screen LED
Connections HDMI
Connections DVI
Connections VGA
Connections DisplayPort
Connections USB
Response time (Milliseconds) 6
Screen aspect ratio 16:10
Horizontal resolution (Pixels) 1920
Vertical resolution (Pixels) 1200
Brightness (Candela per square metre) 350
Dot pitch (Millimetres) 0.270

Also known as: PA249Q


Manufacturer's Description

The Asus PA249Q is pre-calibrated at the factory for the highest accuracy and outstanding colour space reproduction; 99% Adobe RGB, 100% sRGB, and 120% NTSC. With a wide colour gamut of 99% Adobe RGB, the colours seen in photos will be reproduced faithfully and consistently in a way that cannot otherwise be seen on monitors with just an sRGB color space. The PA249Q offers 10-bit display colour for over one billion onscreen colours and supports 12 bit internal lookup table (LUT), which gives smoother gradations and a more natural transition between hues. Each PA249Q guarantees industry-leading colour accuracy, having been pre-calibrated to minimise the colour difference to Delta E (∆E) of less than 3 – ensuring precise reading of colour input and guarantees excellent colour fidelity.

The Asus PA249Q features AH-IPS (Advanced High-Performance In-Plane Switching) display technology for superior colour accuracy, a brighter image from increased backlight transmission and lower power consumption. Each PA249Q also features a high brightness and an 80000000:1 Asus Smart Contrast Ratio for enhanced image contrast.

The PA249Q comes with four USB 3.0 ports, so users can easily plug in their devices and experience ultra-fast data transmission speeds that are up to 10x times that of current USB 2.0 standards. An extensive array of connectivity and high compatibility options are also available, including DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI. The PA249Q also allows users to use up to three displays simultaneously.

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