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+ This motherboard has no outstanding positive points. - It scores poorly on design.

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8.3 out of 10 based on 15 reviews.
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Some customer reviews of Asus P8Z77-M PRO

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Score 9.0/10
Good points:
Large expansion capabilities, processor was extremely easy to install.
Bad points:
Ram slots very close to the 24 pin power socket. Input/output shield was a pain to fit - just a minor point though.
Overall rating 9.0
Design 9.0
Compatibility 9.0
Performance 10.0
Value for money 10.0
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Confirmed purchase: 26 May 2013

Chris, Cambridge

Score 8.0/10
Good points:
Overall this is a quality motherboard from ASUS. Reasonably future proof in terms of sockets, and compatible with the 22nm Ivybridge chips. The UEFI bios screen is great, and running from an SSD hard-drive I get boot times ranging from around three to twenty seconds (I haven't quite worked out what causes the large discrepancy). Still supports VGA monitors.
Bad points:
Could do with more USB ports at the rear, as I'm currently using all six - meanwhile PCIe ports seem redundant now that USB 3.0 is here, unless you already own PCIe devices. Firmware had to be updated to run Windows 8, as it ran only once after install, and then crashed at the boot screen every time thereafter. Getting optimal boot times was a bit counterintuitive for me - I got the fastest result by telling the bios to poll every USB device (which is supposed to be the slowest setting). Stupidly tried the fastest setting, which was still slow, and disables the keyboard at boot time, meaning you can't then access the bios.
Overall rating 8.0
Design 8.0
Compatibility 7.0
Performance 10.0
Value for money 8.0
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Confirmed purchase: 12 Sep 2012

ERIC, kippax i am 77

Score 1.0/10
Good points:
Bad points:
it never worked. I tried every combination of memory 3 different cases and psus.3 cpus also. all worked with other boards at my disposal .this new asus stayed as dead as a doornail .I got frustrated after 3 days of trying, I eventually damaged the the cpu pins on the board. chucked it in the bin. £100 down the drain I bought an msi board and with original memory, psu case and cpu that I tried and worked first.go.
Overall rating 1.0
Design 1.0
Compatibility 1.0
Performance 1.0
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Confirmed purchase: 10 Jan 2013

David, Wakefield

Score 9.0/10
Good points:
Easy to install
Good manual/quick install guide
Easy to overclock (just by using the included Windows App my 3.4Ghz i5 is overclocked to 4.5 - could possibly get more if I went beyond the one click overclock in the app)
Boots fast! (and you can tweak the boot settings to get it even quicker)
Useful software.
Lots of USB2/3 ports.
Bad points:
Minor point - the Windows 8 upgrade advisor said the mother board didn't support the latest SecureBoot settings in Windows. So if SecureBoot is a requirement you may want to check if there is a BIOS update to support this.
Overall rating 9.0
Design 10.0
Compatibility 8.0
Performance 10.0
Value for money 9.0
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Confirmed purchase: 10 Jan 2013


Manufacturer's Description

The P8Z77-M PRO with a 32GB DDR3 memory and PCLe 3.0, features the Intel Z77 express chipset and supports a 22/32 nm CPU providing excellent overclocking capabilities of up to 2400 MHz. It also caters to a wide range of end users by including features such as AMD Crossfire for the ultimate multi-GPU performance gaming platform and Network iControl to perfectly manage bandwidth.

The P8Z77-M PRO also includes GPU Boost that allows the user to accelerate the integrated GPU for extreme graphics performance and DIGI+ VRM that will let you adjust your CPU PWM voltage and frequency for various overclocking scenarios to push your PC performace to its full potential.

Containing 6 USB 3.0 ports with USB boost UASP which gains unprecedented speed, the P8Z77-M PRO also features LudicLogix Virtu MVP which boots responsiveness, improves gaming frame rates by 60%, sharpens visual quality and works seamlessly with hundreds of game stations. Thus making the P8Z77-M PRO a multifaceted motherboard for excellent quality and value!

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