Asus Eee PC 900A 16GB Linux reviews and prices: 8.9" Laptop computer

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Photo of Asus Eee PC 900A 16GB Linux Laptop
  • Photo of Asus Eee PC 900A 16GB Linux Laptop
  • Photo of Asus Eee PC 900A 16GB Linux Laptop

This laptop is a good all rounder.

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10.0 out of 10 based on 1 review.
Asus Eee PC 900A 16GB Linux with Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz Single Core Processor, 1GB of Memory and 16GB Storage on Linux. 4 hours of battery See full product description

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Customer reviews of Asus Eee PC 900A 16GB Linux

Most helpful reviews

Pete, Leeds

Score 10.0/10
Good points:
Just brilliant for going anywhere. Perfect.
Bad points:
Right mouse button occasionally breaks and instead of bringing up a menu, tries to bookmark or resize the page. Problem occurs even when using a plug in USB mouse, though less so. Computer occasionally freezes up when playing installed games such as Mahjong. Requires restart. No way to get rid of updates you don't want (Such as Chinese or other Language fixes), they have to be installed or just sit on the installer. These problems are minor and do not detract from a great product.
Overall rating 10.0
Battery life 8.0
Design 10.0
Size and weight 10.0
Performance 9.0
Value for money 9.0
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Confirmed purchase: 29 Dec 2008

Product Features

Screen size (Inches) 8.9
Screen Resolution (pixels) 1280 x 720 (WXGA)
Operating system Linux
RAM (Gigabytes) 1
Hard disk capacity (Gigabytes) 16
Number of cores Single
Processor brand Intel
Processor series Atom
Processor number N270
Processor speed (Gigahertz) 1.6
Number of USB ports 3
Connections Wireless
Battery life (Hours) 4
Weight (kg) 0.99
Graphics card brand Intel
Graphics card model number k.A.
Type of hard drive Flash Hard Drive
Remote control No
Aspect ratio 16:10
Width in cm 22.5
Depth in cm 17
Release date 2009-01-06
Laptop Buyers Guide  

Manufacturer's Description

Discover New Perspectives with the 8.9 Inch Eee PC™ 900A

  • Exceptional Ease of Use with Icon-driven Linux Interface
  • 50 Preinstalled Programs for Learning, Working and Playing
  • Shockproof Mobility
  • Lightweight – Only 0.99kg

Being easy-to-use, lightweight and able to take the rough and tumble of outdoor use, the new Eee PC™ 900A is made for your every computing need. This mobile marvel features an incredibly easy-to-use icon-driven user interface that is instantly accessible to both experienced and less experienced users – even children! The Eee PC™ 900A also weighs less than 1kg and boasts a shockproof design that keeps your precious data safe during travel, making it your best outdoor computing companion anywhere, anytime. The Eee PC™ 900A – no matter if you´re using it to learn, work or play; trust us – it´s easy!

Easy-to-Use Interface and Fast Bootup Time

  • Incredibly intuitive point-and-click user interface that even first-time PC users will find extremely easy to use.
  • Blazing fast startup – get onto the Internet in mere seconds from the time you press the power button!

50 Preinstalled Programs for Learning, Working and Playing
Assortment of useful programs that run the gamut of personal computing tasks:

  • Education: Encourage your children to learn independently with educational programs such as Science, Math and Paint that make learning an absolute blast.
  • Productivity: View, create and edit documents, presentations and spreadsheets on the go with the Eee PC™ 900A´s raft of productivity tools.
  • Entertainment: Listen to music, have a video chat with a friend or indulge in a quick game – the Eee PC™ 900A will keep you suitably entertained no matter where you are!

Shock Proof Mobility

  • Built-in Solid State Disk (SSD) technology ensures that the internal drive stays quiet, draws less power, boots up faster and resists physical shock.
  • Robust data protection and superior shock resistance – the Eee PC™ 900A is the ideal companion for reporters, wildlife photographers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Exclusive 20GB Eee Storage
20GB file-encrypted online Eee Storage with 5GB worth of downloads per day for secure and easy drag-and-drop access to personal data while out and about.

New Perspectives with 8.9 inch Display

  • 8.9" screen size for more-than-ample viewing space, making it more comfortable on eyes when in use.
  • 1024 × 600 resolution allows you to view a single A4 page without the need to scroll left or right for easier reading and editing of documents.
  • 8.9" screen does not affect the overall weight of the Eee PC™ 900A, which remains below 1kg – allowing children and women to carry it with ease.

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