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Archos 9 reviews and prices: Windows 7 Starter 8.9" Tablet

Windows® 7 The ARCHOS 9 PCtablet is the first of its kind to run Windows® 7. Windows® 7 is the latest... See full description.
  • 8.9"
  • 1024x600

Product Information

product description

Windows® 7
The ARCHOS 9 PCtablet is the first of its kind to run Windows® 7.

Windows® 7 is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, and it has been getting lots of praise around the globe for all its innovations.

Windows® 7 Starter Edition makes the things you do every day faster and easier. With fewer clicks, faster searching, easier browsing, and simpler ways to connect, there are less barriers between you and what you want to do. For Multimedia, its is easier to use than previous Windows® systems. You’ll find it very comfortable to work with your software programs such as the included Lotus Symphony™. You’ll get the best from each of your programs.

Simple to use
With Windows® 7 on your ARCHOS 9 PCtablet, accessing files regardless of where you are in the interface is easier than ever. Windows Search will transform the way you search and find your documents. It’s simpler and much quicker than previous versions of Windows®. Handy widgets can now be placed anywhere on the desktop. Whether you are looking for the weather forecast in your hometown, or a stock value in your financial portfolio, or the latest movie theater program, it’s right at your fingertips.

Easy to browse the web.
The included Internet Explorer® 8 will enhance your web experience. It is the fastest, easiest, and safest browser ever released by Microsoft®. Discover the hot new features of the world’s number one web browser with the Windows® 7 dedicated pages. For example, with Web Slices, you can follow your bid on auction sites or view live sports scores directly in the toolbar of the new Internet Explorer® 8.

Microsoft Security Essentials
The information you keep on your ARCHOS 9 PCtablet is too important to allow security compromises. That’s why we highly recommend that you use the included Microsoft Security Essentials™ software.

Microsoft Security Essentials™ provides real-time protection for your home PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

Microsoft Security Essentials™ is a free download from Microsoft® that is simple to install, easy to use, and always kept up-to-date so you can be assured that your PC is protected against even the most recent viruses. It’s easy to tell if your PC is secure — when the protection icon is green, you’re good. It’s that simple.

Microsoft Security Essentials™ runs quietly and efficiently in the background so that you are free to use your Windows®-based PC the way you want—without interruptions or long computer wait times.

With it, you’re protected.

Performance for HD Video
For a long time now, the ARCHOS trademark has been it superior quality mobile video.

With the ARCHOS 9 PCtablet, we’ve made sure it’s able to offer the best of video for its users. That means HD video. This device will play Full HD* Video (in 1080p resolution) on its magnificent touch screen. Thanks to the latest Intel ATOM Z series microprocessor and the built-in Intel® video chipset, all you have to do is hit “Play”, sit down, and enjoy the show on the beautiful 9" screen.

And with the optional port-replicator which adds outputs to your ARCHOS (including a VGA video output), you can watch your movies and videos on your large HD TV.

Pick your favorite tune
In addition to storing your MP3 music files on your hard drive, you can listen to music freely over the web. We’ve preselected DEEZER™ to be your number one musical source on the web. It’s free, it’s legal, and it’s a lot of fun. Millions of artists and songs are accessible there, in just one click. It’s simply impossible you run dry. Pick any name, any style, any title, and you’re 99% sure to find it there.

On Air
Of course, you may prefer to listen to live-radio or watch web TV stations. Or perhaps listen to podcasts of shows you missed yesterday or the day before. Here comes vTuner™.

With a made-for-ARCHOS solution, you can stream hours of radio music from all around the world. That really comes in handy when you’re traveling and just don’t want to miss your favorite radio show. You can find most talk or music style stations from over 11,000 stations broadcasting on the Web, such as BBC, CNN, or NPR. All the stations are available through easily accessible menus. Pick a genre, a country, or even simply a name, and you’ve got it! Then set it as one of your favorites for one-click access next time. The best part of all? It’s completely free.

Of course the ARCHOS 9 PC Tablet connects you to the Internet. With the WiFi connection, feel free to wander from the living room, to the bedroom, to the kitchen, or the backyard while you’re video conferencing or doing your latest on-line shopping. And to connect to the Internet from virtually anywhere, you can place a 3G USB Stick into its USB port; or use the Internet connection of your 3G phone via Bluetooth®.
As it is a PC with a USB port, you can plug in and use the same USB devices on your ARCHOS 9 PCtablet as on your regular computer such as thumb drives or external hard drives, printers, or your digital camera.

The ARCHOS 9 PCtablet can play high definition videos. But you don’t have to watch them only on the superb 9’’ screen. You can also watch them on your HD TV using the port replicator accessory. Additionally, it will give you more USB connectors, a headset connector and an ethernet port for a wired network connection. With two USB ports, you won’t have to swap in and out your printer and an external keyboard for example.

Lotus Symphony
The ARCHOS 9 PCtablet is a PC, no doubt about it. But what good would it be if it didn’t have an office productivity suite?
That’s why we’ve selected Lotus® Symphony™ to let you create documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Lotus Symphony is IBM’s long-standing office tools suite.

It is compatible with all other standard office applications on the market so that you won’t have to wonder if your documents can be read by your collegues, or if you will be able to open the ones they’ve sent you.

This powerful office suite of applications comes included absolutely free of charge. Any office task you were doing before can be done with Lotus® Symphony™. And you don’t need to be concerned about the keyboard. The virtual on-screen keyboard on your ARCHOS 9 PCtablet is completely compatible with all the specialized features in Lotus® Symphony™.

Mails & Contacts
With Windows Live™ Mail, you can manage multiple email accounts like Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo! or Mail Plus, all in one place with one simple program. Sharing photos by email is easy, too. Put them right in the email and send them without big attachments that can clog inboxes. And Windows Live™ Mail is free.

Additionally, with Windows Live™ you get access to SkyDrive. SkyDrive is a free online storage environment from Microsoft® just for you. You can store and share your files and photos, and you get 25 GB of space for this. Just for you. Free.

Share, Chat, Talk
If you already have a computer, or if the Internet has become so appealing to you that you need to buy your first machine, then Social Networking, Chatting, and other web 2.0 web sites are out there waiting for you. It’s about sharing and being connected to other people. The ARCHOS 9 PCtablet will let you do just that. With SKYPE™ already installed, all you have to do is log in to your existing account, and start talking or chatting with your friends or family. SKYPE™ also allows you to SEE the person you’re talking to (if they have a webcam). With the built-in 1.3 megapixel buit-in webcam, you will be seen by them as well. Additionally, SKYPE™ offers you a voice mail system where people can leave you a message, as well as the ability to send SMS messages to portable phones.

And when you feel like writing rather than talking, you can still use SKYPE™ for instant messaging. With emoticons (those little signs that are so useful to express feelings) and editing status, you’re just key-clicks away from your friends and family.

product specification
Screen size 8.9"
Screen Resolution (pixels) 1024x600
Operating system Windows 7 Starter
Number of cores Single Core Processor
Processor brand Intel
Processor series Atom
Processor number Z510
Processor speed 1000 GHz
RAM 1GB of Memory
Hard disk capacity 60GB Storage
Battery life 5 hours of battery
WiFi Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Integrated Webcam Yes
Weight (kg) 0.8
Number of HDMI ports 0 HDMI ports
USB port 2
DVI Port No
VGA Port No
CD Rom No
DVD Drive No
Built-in disc drive No
Blu-ray Drive No
Tablet Type Slate
Width in cm 25.6cm wide
Height in cm 13.4cm high
Depth in cm 1.7cm deep
Type of hard drive Hard Disk Drive
Firewire Yes
Colour Black
Type Tablet
Multi-Touch Yes