Archos 5 30GB Internet Media Tablet MP3 Player Reviews

4 customer reviews

This MP3/MP4 player is a good all rounder.

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7.5 out of 10 based on 4 reviews.
Archos 5 30GB Internet Media Tablet: No Radio, Touchscreen See full product description

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Some customer reviews of Archos 5 30GB Internet Media Tablet

Most helpful reviews

Peter , Slough

Score 8.0/10
Good points:
Great web browser
Can connect to bluetooth phone for internet or Wifi
Plays many video format
Screen resolution is good
Runs the Android OS so there will be lots of goodies to come. (apps library will get bigger)
Can expand memory with micro sd.
Optional wall charger comes with a connection that allows you to plug in a USB device (keyboard, hard drive etc.)
There are lots of optional add on bits that make it very multi functional.
Bad points:
Seems slow to connect to WiFi for me.
Firmware seems to be a work in progress - lots of updates and occasional crash.
Overall rating 8.0
Build Quality 9.0
Battery life 7.0
Design 7.0
Size and weight 7.0
Performance 6.0
Value for money 8.0
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Confirmed purchase: 23 Dec 2009

philip, hampshire Gadget lover

Score 7.0/10
Good points:
lots of features, and accessories, expandability, good touch screen, easy to use.
Bad points:
reliability freezing rebooting, lot of aftersale expense such as addons and codecs but this helps to keep down the cost so it could be seen as a good thing
Overall rating 7.0
Ease of use 10.0
Sound quality 10.0
Battery life 10.0
Design 4.0
Range of features 9.0
Portability 10.0
Value for money 5.0
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Confirmed purchase: 18 Aug 2009

Product Features

Hard disk capacity (Gigabytes) 30
Playback formats OGG
Playback formats MPEG 4
Playback formats MP3
Playback formats WMV
Playback formats WMA
Playback formats WAV
Playback formats AVI
Touchscreen Yes
Media format Hard disk drive
Recording format Direct from TV
Music playtime (Hours) 22
Video playtime (Hours) 7
Display technology TFT
WiFi Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Vertical resolution (Pixels) 800
Horizontal resolution (Pixels) 480
Weight (g) 250
Release date 2009-04-14

Also known as: Archos 5g 30GB Internet Media Tablet, Archos 5G 30GB Internet Media MP4, Archos 5 32GB Internet Tablet

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Manufacturer's Description

ARCHOS, award-winning for its constant technology innovation and leadership in portable media players now introduces a new concept: the Internet Media Tablet.
The ARCHOS 5 is the flagship of the new range, bringing the customer a new way to enjoy Internet, Media and TV…in a handheld device.

Uncompromised Web surfing in the palm of your hand

With its built-in capabilities, your Internet Media Tablet becomes the ultimate way to surf the web. The amazingly sharp and high-resolution screen lets you navigate effortlessly through the web just like you would on a PC.
Browsing becomes almost seamless with the ARM® Cortex™ processor and the Adobe Flash™ 9 video support. Surfing on a handheld device has never been so fast and smooth.
The full email application lets you read, write, download and send attachments, and manage your contacts.

Your entire digital library in a thin handheld tablet

The ARCHOS 5 features a very high capacity internal hard drive from 60 GB to 250 GB, in slim and sleek enclosures.
You can thus download a vast number of songs and videos from the unique selection of renowned movie and music partners assembled in the Media Club.
You can play movies in HD or DVD quality for the richest media experience on the go.

The ultimate TV experience at home or on the go

Enjoy your ARCHOS contents played directly back to your TV, with the DVR Station. Schedule TV recordings from any channel on your cable or set-top box in just a few clicks. Then choose when and where you want to watch them.
Play back all your digital content from your ARCHOS 5 to your TV, even in HD quality, at 720p.

Have fun discovering your future daily companion.

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