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Apple iPod Nano 7th Gen.16GB MP3 Player Reviews

Design — New Body About the size of a credit card — and just 5.4mm thin — the new iPod nano is the thinn... See full description.
  • 16GB Storage
  • Radio function

Product Information

product description

Design — New Body

About the size of a credit card — and just 5.4mm thin — the new iPod nano is the thinnest iPod ever made. The 2.5-inch Multi-Touch display is nearly twice as big as the display on the previous iPod nano, so you can see more of the music, photos, and videos you love. Buttons let you quickly play, pause, change songs, or adjust the volume. The smooth new anodized aluminum design makes iPod nano feel as good as it sounds.

Genius Playlist

If you’re listening to a song you love and you want to stay in the mood just tap Genius. It finds other songs on iPod nano that go great together and makes a Genius playlist for you. For more song combinations you wouldn’t have thought of yourself, create Genius Mixes in iTunes and sync the ones you like to iPod nano. Then tap Genius Mixes and rediscover songs you haven’t heard in a while.

Video Playback

Now you can watch episodes of your favorite TV shows, Hollywood blockbusters, free video podcasts, and home videos on your iPod nano. View them on the widescreen 2.5-inch Multi-Touch display. Tap to play, fast-forward, rewind, and pause. With iPod nano, you can have a little entertainment whenever — and wherever — you want.

Bluetooth Technology

Your music experience gets even better now that iPod nano has Bluetooth 4.0 built in. Pairing iPod nano with Bluetooth-enabled headphones and supported speakers is a cinch. With no wires in the way, working out with iPod nano is even easier. (No more getting wires caught in your free-weights.) And if your car’s sound system is Bluetooth enabled, when you sit down in the driver’s seat, your iPod nano is ready to pick up where you left off. Without missing a beat.

The All-New EarPods

Apple designers and engineers had the goal of creating earbuds that rest and stay comfortably inside a variety of ear types — while also producing the best sound quality possible. They tested 124 different prototypes on over 600 people. The result is a breakthrough for earbud headphones. They’re called EarPods and the audio quality is so superior, they rival high-end headphones.

Lightning Connector

Making iPod nano thinner required a bold move: Replacing the 30-pin dock connector with something newer, smaller, and better. It’s called Lightning, and it’s significantly more durable than the 30-pin connector. It’s also reversible, so there’s no wrong way to plug in the cable. If you have an iPod nano accessory that depends on the 30-pin connector, you can still connect it to your iPod nano with a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter (sold separately). Though with more and more accessories adding wireless capabilities through Bluetooth technology, thankfully cords and cables needn’t be a concern.

Feel the Burn

iPod nano is the perfect workout partner. It gives you some much-needed musical motivation and provides real-time feedback. Since Nike+ support and a pedometer are built into iPod nano, there’s no need to connect a receiver or use a shoe sensor to track your steps, distance, pace, time, and calories burned.

Built-in Bluetooth technology lets you wirelessly connect to heart-rate monitors and headphones, making it easier to exercise. And at the end of your workout, sync iPod nano to to track your daily activity and goals, check your NikeFuel, and monitor your fitness progress against yourself and your friends. Then get ready to do it all again tomorrow.

product specification
Hard disk capacity 16GB Storage
Extra functions Radio function
Extra functions Video player function
Playback formats AAC-LC playback
Playback formats MP3 playback
Playback formats AAC playback
Playback formats MPEG 4 playback
Playback formats WAV playback
Touchscreen Yes
Touchscreen No
Media format MOV storage
Media format Built-in storage
Music playtime 24 hour music playback
Video playtime 3.5 Hours
Video playtime 5 Hours
Display technology Colour LCD
Display technology LCD
WiFi Yes
WiFi No
Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth No
Height in cm 7.65cm high
Height in cm 7.0cm high
Depth in cm 0.54cm deep
Depth in cm 0.7cm deep
Width in cm 3.96cm wide
Width in cm 5.2cm wide
Vertical resolution 432 Pixels
Vertical resolution 240 Pixels
Horizontal resolution 240 Pixels
Horizontal resolution 32 Pixels
Weight (g) 31g
Weight (g) 49.2g
Release date 12 Sep 2007