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This fridge is a good all rounder.

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8.5 out of 10 based on 2 reviews.
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Product Features

Construction Intergrated
Energy efficiency A**
Height in cm 121.9
Width in cm 55.6
Depth in cm 55
Net capacity total device (Litres) 202
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Manufacturer's Description

This AEG SKS81240F0 Integrated Fridge offers generous storage room and comes equipped with a four-star icebox for storing small portions of frozen food – ideal for smaller households.

Big fresh food storage

If you mostly buy fresh food, you’ll have 202 litres of space to store it, with four safety glass shelves to reliably support your containers and other items. There are two full width and two half-depth shelves available, and they’re adjustable to help you accommodate taller bottles and similar goods.

Keep salad and vegetables crisp and fresh in the two salad drawers, which feature glass covers for easy checking. The SKS81240F0 also features four door compartments for doors, bottles and eggs (there are two egg racks); including a half-width sliding door shelf.

There’s a full-width covered dairy compartment for your cheese and butter too.

Compact freezer space

Keep a couple of packs of meat, a tub of ice cream or some frozen vegetables in the 17-litre freezer compartment.

This is a handy feature for those who don’t need to store much frozen food, and can even be used as a handy way to make ice cubes or temporarily chill items prior to cooking or drinking.

It features a Frostmatic function which initiates the compartment’s maximum freezing power, freezing fresh produce as fast as possible before returning to its normal setting.

Advanced chilling

This AEG refrigerator offers a precise cooling system that distributes cold air throughout the cabinet for even temperature and perfect cooling on every shelf. Coolmatic technology allows the AEG SKS81240F0 Integrated Fridge to rapidly chill fresh groceries to seal in their flavour, colour and natural goodness.

This really helps when you’ve just brought home a large load of shopping, or need to chill food and drink for a party. The fridge is brought down to the optimum temperature to protect things you already have stored and get your new items nice and cold.

The function turns itself off automatically after a set time, with the compartment returning to its pre-set temperature.

A bright and simple fridge

The SKS81240F0 offers touch controls so that it can be operated with the lightest touch. Its LCD display works in tandem with the controls to give you instant information on current settings.

Adjust temperature levels and cooling functions using this intuitive and sensitive control interface, which makes everything easier. The control panel features an on/off button that must be depressed for several concurrent seconds to operate, a child-safe feature preventing accidental deactivation.

LED lighting provides brighter, more even illumination throughout the cabinet than standard bulbs. Taking up less space, these lights are more energy efficient and make using your fridge far more economical.

Safe and completely practical

If you leave the door open on your AEG SKS81240F0 Integrated Fridge, an indicator lights up to keep you aware and to prevent unnecessary food spoilage and energy wastage.

Automatic fridge defrosting really saves time and hassle – you won’t have to defrost the appliance yourself, and the process makes it more energy efficient too. In fact, this fridge offers an A++ energy efficiency rating which assures you of its cost-effective, eco-friendly performance.

Mount a cupboard door directly onto the appliance to complete its built-in appearance, and reverse its door hinges so that it conforms to your kitchen layout.

This AEG SKS81240F0 Integrated Fridge offers plenty of fresh food storage room as well as a neat freezer compartment and proprietary cooling features to keep your food as fresh as possible, as economically as possible.

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