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AEG-Electrolux Arctis 75320GA Freestanding freezer reviews

Frost-free freezer with turbo freezing. Low energy consumption: only 319kWh per year FROSTMATIC f... See full description.
  • Upright
  • Freestanding

Product Information

product description

Frost-free freezer with turbo freezing.

  • Low energy consumption: only 319kWh per year
  • FROSTMATIC fast freeze function
    Lowers the temperature of the freezer to freeze any newly added fresh food quickly. This function preserves the flavour, nutritional value and texture of the food, whilst protecting already frozen food.
  • Fast freeze in 24 hours: 24 kg
    This is the amount of fresh food that can be safely frozen in a 24 hour period.
  • Temperature rising time: 20 hours
    This is the length of time it takes for the temperature of the food inside the freezer to rise from -18°C to -9°C in the event of a powercut, provided the door is kept closed.
  • Electronic controls for precise temperature regulation
  • Electronic temperature regulation: Electronic temperature regulation is complemented by easy-to-use external push-button controls, while optimised air circulation ensures that a precise even temperature is always maintained within the cabinet. This avoids an unwanted rise in temperature when large loads of food are being stored.
  • Self-closing door: Appliances with this feature have a special mechanism that pulls the door shut if it is left slightly open by accident. This helps maintain the optimum storage conditions for your food by ensuring that the internal temperature does not rise.
  • Audible temperature and ‘door open’ warning: An audible warning signal alerts you if the door has been left open or the internal temperature rises above safe storage level.
  • Transparent freezer drawers: Transparent freezer drawers let you see the contents of a drawer without having to open it. This saves energy as the cold air is retained better within the freezer.
  • Energy Efficiency recommended: This product has been Energy Efficiency recommended by the Energy Savings Trust
  • Door hinges on right or left: Interchangeable door hinging gives flexibility to have a left or right side opening door.
  • Adjustable feet at front for uneven floor conditions; wheels at rear
  • Quick release door handle for easy door opening: The quick-release door handle mechanism ensures that the door can be opened effortlessly whenever you want.
  • Climate class: SN-N-ST: Climate class indicates what ambient room temperature this appliance is designed to operate in. N=‘normal’ +16ºC to +32ºC; SN=‘sub-normal’ +10ºC to +32ºC; ST=‘sub-tropical’ +18ºC to +38ºC. The appliance will not cool correctly if the room temperature falls outside the stated range for long periods.
  • Visible external door open indicator with audible warning alarm.
product specification
Type of freezer Upright
Construction Freestanding
Energy efficiency A* rated
Frost free Yes
Width in cm 66cm wide
Height in cm 185cm high
Depth in cm 68cm deep
Net capacity total device 293 litres capacity
Noise level 40 decibels
Energy Savings Trust feature Yes
Ice cube dispenser No
Display Yes
Release date 17 May 2004