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This desktop computer is a good all rounder.

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Customer reviews of Advent PQG-9002

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Steven , Buckinghamshire General user

Score 7.0/10
Good points:
Not bad for a computer for basic needs. It has a good ATI Phenom quad core processor, 4gb memory and plenty of storage, although the hard drive configuration could be a bit confusing for someone with little knowledge. (see the bad points). Came with Vista Home loaded, although I upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit which it runs well even with the aero effects switched on. The graphics card is the ATI Radeon 4350 which again is a basic model, but does fine for everyday needs, and depending on your monitor I have found it plays hd programmes downloaded from bbciplayer excellently. This is definitely not a gaming computer however, reaching only a low score in the windows experience for the graphics, despite high scores for the processor and hard drive. Overall a reasonable computer for a reasonable price at refurbished level.
Bad points:
There are a few bad points but most of them you could say are not applicable if you intend to keep the computer 'as is'. However one very bad point is the noisy fan, and it is noisy!. However i keep my box on the floor under my computer desk so whilst it is audible you tend to get used to it. I am investigating as to whether a quieter fan could be installed.
Unfortunately this not a computer that is easily or cheaply upgradeable. Whilst it has 4gb of memory (2 x 2gb) there are only two slots available so would be very expensive to upgrade.The same goes for the graphics card. The power supply is 350w, and only the 4300 and 4500 series cards draw 300w, but if you thought of upgrading further to the 4600 series or above they draw 400w so the power supply would probably have to be upgraded as well.
One big problem I had was with the hard drive(s). Now whilst it was advertised as 750gb I actually discovered I had two hard drives installed and I only had 650gb. The first hard drive was 150gb, and held the operating system. this was split into three sections including a recovery partition as normal. However the second hard drive (500gb) was also split into three partitions and upon further investigation I found it was a disk from an Acer with vista business on it! (although not bootable). Now this may have been just a problem with my machine of course, but for a novice could be very confusing. I simply transferred the 150gb hard drive partitions over to the 500gb and use that instead. I did take out the original 150gb drive and replace it with another 500gb drive for backups etc.
Overall rating 7.0
How easy to set-up 7.0
Software bundle 7.0
How easy to connect to internet 9.0
Value for money 8.0
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Confirmed purchase: 06 Jan 2010

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