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Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 for PC reviews

Next-generation tapeless camera support with Adobe OnLocation CS4—Save time and maintain the highest ... See full description.

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Next-generation tapeless camera support with Adobe OnLocation CS4—Save time and maintain the highest quality throughout the entire production process. Direct-to-disk recording eliminates the time-consuming capture-from-tape, media-ingest phase of post-production. With comprehensive video-format support, from DV to HD and beyond, and full support for a variety of tapeless cameras and media, Adobe Premiere Pro is your ticket to the fastest workflow from capture to edit.

Superior editing control—Use Track Sync Lock controls to select which tracks remain in sync after ripple and insert edits. Display source content of clips, route channels to specific destination tracks in the Timeline, and toggle video or audio channels on or off as needed with source-content controls. Place clips exactly where you want them when dragging to the Timeline. Drag and drop video- or audio-only portions of clips onto any combination of compatible destination tracks. Create commonly used combinations of effects and save them in a single preset for easy re-use, and apply effects, speed/duration adjustments or audio-gain settings to multiple clips in a single action.

Use metadata-based project intelligence to help you save time on-set and in post-production, and to deliver commerce-enabled content to any screen. Click to enlarge.

Zoom in on audio waveforms in different channels together or, as shown here, independently in the Source Monitor. Premiere Pro CS4 gives you the flexibility to navigate your content quickly and efficiently. Click to enlarge.

Batch encoding—The Adobe Media Encoder application included with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 saves you time by automating the process of creating multiple encoded versions of your source files and Adobe Premiere Pro sequences. Set up multiple items for encoding, manage priorities, and control advanced settings for each item individually. Use any combination of sequences and clips as sources, and encode to a wide variety of video formats, including FLV and F4V, Windows Media, MPEG-2, H.264, QuickTime and more.

Project intelligence with new XMP metadata support—Make your workflow more efficient and your video searchable. Add metadata to your shot list during pre-production planning; then when recording footage directly to disk, Adobe OnLocation automatically captures important metadata-based project intelligence associated with each shot coming from the camera. Create new takes each time you re-record, with each take inheriting metadata from the master shot, or even edit or add to the metadata during the shoot. During post-production you can use metadata to streamline project tracking, asset auditing and many other tedious manual tasks.

New Speech Search technology—Turn spoken dialogue into text-based metadata, making your video searchable online. Speech Search can also be invaluable during the editing process; quickly find relevant points in a particular clip, or easily locate the right clip based on the dialogue included.

Powerful project management, easy asset updates—Manage projects more efficiently by saving file-location preferences on a per-project basis, making it easier to set up partitions for particular projects. Update assets quickly as newer versions become available by replacing files in the Project panel; all clips in that media then update automatically. Combine content from multiple projects easily with the ability to import sequences from other projects in any combination.

Accelerated client review and approval with Adobe Clip Notes—Embed video into a PDF file, then e-mail to clients to add timecode-specific comments that map to the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline.

Optimised encoding for mobile devices with Device Central—A dynamically updated online device library helps you keep track of the capabilities of video-enabled mobile devices. Device Central also lets you test and preview what your work will look like on an extensive selection of devices under a variety of simulated real-life conditions, avoiding time-consuming trial and error.

Improved Adobe integration with Adobe Dynamic Link—Create a direct link between new or existing assets in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 and Encore CS4, eliminating the need for intermediate rendering. Changes made in Adobe Premiere Pro such as colour correction are immediately reflected in Encore. With new Adobe Premiere Pro integration in Adobe OnLocation, you can send entire shotlists directly to Adobe Premiere Pro along with all the metadata-based project intelligence that was logged during the shoot.

Precise audio control with Source Monitor—View audio waveforms in more detail, making it simpler to find specific sonic events in your audio tracks.