Adobe CS4 Design Premium Upgrade Package for Mac (1user)

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Photo of Adobe CS4 Design Premium Upgrade Package For Mac (1USER) Software
  • Photo of Adobe CS4 Design Premium Upgrade Package For Mac (1USER) Software
  • Photo of Adobe CS4 Design Premium Upgrade Package For Mac (1USER) Software
  • Photo of Adobe CS4 Design Premium Upgrade Package For Mac (1USER) Software

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Customer reviews of Adobe CS4 Design Premium Upgrade Package for Mac (1user)

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Manufacturer's Description

Adobe InDesign CS4—Design professional layouts for print and digital publishing

Publish persuasive content—Create high-impact, personalised content in less time with fewer steps, with fine control tools for graphics, typography, colour, transparency and more.

Using Live Preflight in InDesign, you can open the Preflight panel to be alerted to errors as they occur rather than when the presses are just about to roll. Click to enlarge.

In Photoshop, rotate canvas and image together to any angle for convenient viewing and editing. Click to enlarge.

In Illustrator, create and arrange up to 100 artboards of differing sizes, and then save them in a single, multipage PDF file or export them as sequentially numbered files. Click to enlarge.

Create rich interactive documents—Build dynamic Adobe Flash Player or PDF content with professional typography and page design.

Easy integration with Photoshop—Apply Adobe Photoshop effects such as drop shadow directly within Adobe InDesign CS4, with full support for 3D Photoshop artwork.

Smart text handling—Automatically map Microsoft Word styles to InDesign styles when importing Word files and save settings as presets for future use.

Live Preflight—Spot and correct errors in real time to avoid time-consuming changes at print stage.

Experience fluid workflows—Tailor your design toolset to your client’s needs for a more flexible layout.

Adobe Photoshop CS4 (Extended)—Discover new dimensions in digital imaging

Easily access full editing power—Take advantage of all Adobe Photoshop Extended has to offer with a more intuitive user interface and non-destructive editing freedom.

Work more efficiently—Designed for smooth integration with other Adobe software and enhanced performance with today’s faster graphics processors.

Edit 3D and motion-based content—Unleash Photoshop in 3D—paint directly onto 3D objects—and enjoy fast, precision video graphic editing.

Adobe Illustrator CS4—Explore new paths with the essential vector tool

Explore new features—Including Blob Brush tool, transparency in gradients and the highly anticipated multiple artboards.

Discover hidden gems—Newly uncovered ‘hidden’ functions and enhanced existing features.

Work faster and smarter—Improved interaction with options and tools, an enhanced artboard and innovative Smart Guides and Isolation Mode.

Flash CS4 Professional—Create and deliver rich interactive content

Quickly create and edit animations—Powerful new object-based animation, Bezier controls and motion presets make working in Flash easier and more intuitive with no loss of control.

Explore new creative possibilities—Animate 2D objects through 3D space with 3D translation and rotation. Create chain-like effects or distort shapes with the Bones tool and easily add patterns with the Deco tool.

Smooth designer and developer workflow integration—Easily import Adobe InDesign or After Effects content into Flash using XFL to freely edit text and graphics. Reach audiences across platforms and devices—Deliver the ultimate interactive experience. The latest technologies, including XMP for mobile and delivery to Adobe AIR runtime, are at your fingertips.

Live View lets you see exactly how your pages will appear in a web browser directly from within Dreamweaver, so you can quickly tweak the code right then and there. Click to enlarge.

Drag a Photoshop image into a Dreamweaver page to create a dynamically linked Smart Object. If the source file changes, a badge shows that the Dreamweaver version is no longer current. To update the image, simply click the Update icon in the Properties panel. Click to enlarge.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4—Design, develop and maintain websites and applications

Create next-generation web experiences—Work in a real-world view of your rich CSS, JavaScript, SWF and dynamic content directly in Dreamweaver. Quickly integrate third-party web widgets from the most popular JavaScript frameworks into your pages.

Learn best practices—Visually design with CSS best practices; ideal for designers uncomfortable with working in code. Create Ajax-driven interactivity while supporting best practices. Take control of your content—Allow clients to update their own web pages directly from the browser with Adobe InContext Editing. Add dynamic data to your site without a database or complex coding.

Adobe Fireworks CS4—Rapidly prototype and design for the web

Take prototyping to the next level—Rapidly prototype websites, application interfaces and other interactive designs with Fireworks CS4 software. Demo designs live on the web or generate and e-mail a PDF file. Integrate Live Styles and the improved Common Library for continual leaps in productivity.

Work faster and smarter—Enjoy accelerated performance and the ease of a uniform user interface and core functionality across other Adobe Creative Suite 4 components.

One design, several platforms—Output your Fireworks designs to HTML, Adobe AIR, Flash or Flex software. Export web standards-compliant CSS to Adobe Dreamweaver CS4. Craft custom skins for Flex components with superior design tools.

Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro—Protect documents and accelerate information exchange with PDF

Deliver professional documents—Easily organise content from various sources (documents, e-mail, images etc.) in a single searchable PDF Portfolio, compressed for easy distribution and sharing with free Adobe Reader software. Add company branding with professionally designed templates.

Create and manage forms—Convert Word and Excel documents or scanned paper to PDF forms with automatic recognition of fillable fields and easily export data to a spreadsheet. Customise with Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES software (included).

Exchange ideas with colleagues or customers—See and build on other reviewers’ comments as they are being made for fast, efficient input and consensus; easily monitor progress with Form Tracker.

Protect sensitive information—Control access to and use of PDF documents; assign digital rights, password-protect documents and set printing/editing permissions. Use redaction tools to permanently remove sensitive information. Digitally sign and certify documents.

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Adobe CS4 Design Premium - Upgrade from CS3 Edition (Mac)
Adobe CS4 Design Premium - Upgrade from CS3 Edition (Mac) £2158 free delivery Go

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  • £2158 at 1 retailer out of 422 retailers checked

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