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Acer Iconia W700P 64GB NT.L0REK.007 reviews and prices: windows 8 Professionsal 11.6" Tablet

Iconia W700P Tablet — Your Window to On-the-Go Productivity The 11.6" Iconia W700P tablet is u... See full description.
  • 11.6"
  • 1920 x 1080

Product Information

product description

Iconia W700P Tablet — Your Window to On-the-Go Productivity

The 11.6" Iconia W700P tablet is ultra-responsive and powerful to help keep you productive anywhere you go.

Instantly Into Everything
Acer Green Instant On
Save time with Acer Green Instant On. Put the Iconia W700P to sleep, and spring it back to life in just 1.5 seconds from Sleep mode^, ideal for quickly resuming your session when on the move, or to instantly check information or messages. After eight hours in Sleep mode, or after the period you set, the tablet enters Deep Sleep, conserving battery life for up to 80 days.* Yet, when you return, your W700P turns right on in six seconds, and everything looks exactly as you left it.

Acer Always Connect
The Iconia W700P remembers your favourite access points (APs) or places visited, and reconnects to them instantly so you can get on the Internet in just 2.5 seconds.^^ With Acer Always Connect you’ll be able to get fast access to instant messaging and Internet services after your system resumes from hibernation. Acer Always Connect allows you to instantly update webpages and emails and offers remote wake-up for Acer Cloud Applications.

The breath-taking Acer Aspire S5 Ultrabook is ultra-thin, ultra-light and ultra-responsive
See how all the features of the Iconia W700P fit together. Click here to see more details.

Up in the Cloud
AcerCloud is your personal cloud. It shares your music, photos, videos and documents on your PC with all your devices. If your PC is in sleep mode, AcerCloud wakes it up for you. Your PC is always connected, and you can access content via AcerCloud anytime anywhere.

Full HD Touch Display
You’ll find whatever you choose to view on the Full HD display looks great with vibrant colours and up to 1080p resolution to get the best out of HD movies and more. The 10-point touch display enables intuitive computing, allowing you multiple finger input at any one time for gesture-based controls.

The wide-viewing angle technology makes the Iconia W700P ideal for sharing, whether it’s documents, presentations, or your favourite movies. This wide-view technology provides consistent and accurate colour from viewing angles up to 178 degrees.

Beautiful, Fast, Fluid — Windows 8
Windows 8 has been reimagined to be all about you. Put what matters most right on your Start screen, and get instant access to your people, apps, sites and more, so you can spend less time searching and more time doing. Browse and discover thousands of apps in the Windows Store. Snap two apps side-by-side and multitask. Chat with a friend while scoping out a map, or watch a video while getting stuff done. With Windows 8, it’s simple to do two things at once.

The optional multi-angle cradle allows you to view and work in a number of positions (sold separately)
The optional multi-angle cradle allows you to view and work in a number of positions (sold separately). Click here to see more details.
Portrait and Landscape

Optional Multi-angle, Multi-purpose Cradle
The Acer Iconia W700P works with an optional multi-angle, multi-purpose cradle, which is available for purchase separately. The cradle complements the design of the W700P and is great for content viewing/sharing via two landscape modes: 20-degree, which is the ideal angle for touchscreen control; and 70-degrees, which is the perfect angle for viewing your favourite films and multimedia.

You can also stand the Iconia W700P in portrait browsing mode, great for navigating long web pages. The cradle itself comes with a number of handy features, including enabling data expansion, charging up via the DC-in port, and three USB ports to give your more connectivity options.

More Great Features
3rd Generation Intel Core Processors
The power of 3rd generation Intel Core processor technology speeds up multitasking performance so you can work fast and have more fun, with less waiting. This Iconia W700P features a choice of an Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 Ivy Bridge Processor, delivering intelligent performance that adapts to your individual needs. With this kind of power, the Iconia W700P is ideal for watching digital video, playing intense games, and having fun at home.

The Intel Core i5 and i7 processors also include Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, which boosts performance and energy efficiency when and where you need it most. By automatically increasing the processor frequency based on the workload and operating environment, you can get the power to perform the tasks that you need while seamlessly allowing inactive cores to lay dormant, meaning that they draw less power — increasing your battery life and reducing your carbon footprint. These processors also include Quick Sync Video and Clear Video HD Technology.

Dolby Home Theater v4
The Acer Iconia W700P comes with Dolby Home Theater v4 sound enhancement for the full theatre experience, delivering riveting sound from any set of PC speakers or headphones.

product specification
Screen size 11.6"
Screen Resolution (pixels) 1920 x 1080
Operating system windows 8 Professionsal
Number of cores Dual Core Core Processor
Processor brand Intel
Processor series Core i3
Processor number i3-2375M
Processor speed 1.5 GHz
RAM 4GB of Memory
Hard disk capacity 64GB Storage
WiFi Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Weight (kg) 0.95
Number of HDMI ports 1 HDMI port