Our Trustmark tells consumers that the reviews they’re reading have been collected by an independent third party, so there’s no question of manipulation. That’s a hugely important trust-builder.


The Reevoo Trustmark is the sign of our independence and shows that we also have a brand and reputation to defend. It injects added trust and confidence that a ‘self-managed’ review system never can.

Using an independent service says your reviews are:

  • 100% independently collected and validated
  • From real customers
  • Never manipulated or edited

Your brand will become synonymous with:


Transparency and openness with customers


Confidence and trust across every purchase channel


Engagement and responsiveness to manage and deal with queries

Our Moderation Policy

We moderate and validate all reviews, which means they’re more trusted than reviews collected by anyone attached to your company.

We’re known for our scrupulous review moderation

We don’t kill bad reviews. We don’t edit out anything. We only return a review for re-submission if it’s defamatory or obscene.

The good news

It’s proven that (a few) bad reviews can be very good for your business. Showing the full picture – where the positives hugely outweigh the negatives – actually helps build credibility and buyer confidence.

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