The Reevoo Amplify™ methodology is what makes us different!

Reevoo Amplify methodology

Amplify™ is our proprietary, systematic approach to collecting, moderating, validating, structuring, tagging, distributing and formatting review content.

We changed the industry by launching review aggregation years ago and our competitors have been trying to catch up with our ability to generate more content, richer content and more accurate content ever since.

Our methodology is an integral part of a fully-managed service. We don’t just sell you a piece of software and wish you good luck. We’re happy to guarantee results because we’re so confident about the power of our process.

The Amplify™ methodology gives you:

Higher volumes

We’re better at collecting reviews, because we pioneered the idea of proactively gathering customer feedback. Our emails go to the right people, at the right time and make it easy for them to understand and respond. That know-how delivers an industry leading response rate of 16% or higher.

Better content

Reevoo reviews are richer and provide real depth of experience to use across every channel and the entire purchase journey.

Actionable insight

We moderate, tag and structure all review content to make it easy to interrogate and analyse. That means you can identify, then engage with your best customer advocates. And you can put direct customer feedback to work right across your business.


Because it’s 100% validated, your reviews are protected from distortion. We get more detail, so you can get more, personalised insight.

Brand protection

There are never any well-meaning ‘false raves’ or fake ‘grudge’ reviews that can backfire and hurt your brand – just the validation and transparency of an independent trustmark.

Fully moderated service

Our service is moderated, so we can flag up opportunities for you to interact with your customers – to answer a product query, turn your biggest detractor into your best advocate or get involved in a customer discussion.

No other ratings and reviews service comes close to the systematic rigour of Reevoo Amplify™. It’s why so many brands rely on our service every day of every year.

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