The Reevoo Difference

Anyone can slap some ratings & reviews software on to a web page and wait for people to post their thoughts. The Reevoo approach is totally different and delivers far better results – that’s why so many brands and retailers are coming over to us.

This is what sets us apart:

The Amplify™ methodology

Amplify™ is our proprietary, systematic approach to collecting, moderating, validating, structuring, aggregating, tagging, distributing and formatting review content.

It generates more reviews and richer reviews, faster than any other method. That means better conversions at every customer touchpoint.


An independent trustmark

Consumers expect reviews & ratings to be 100% validated, unedited and never manipulated.

Only Reevoo provides the air-tight independence – signalled by a public trustmark – that protects your brand from any impropriety. Mud sticks – so don’t run the risk of exposing your brand in the first place.

Reevoo Products

It starts with the best ratings & reviews service in the business – but it doesn’t stop there.
Discover how we do brand response, Q&A, SEO and Google Seller Ratings… and lots more.


The Reevoo Platform


Everything we do is open, modular and flexible. Our APIs and SDKs seamlessly integrate with mobile, social channels and your ecommerce, CRM, marketing and analytics systems. The Platform makes it all possible.

The Reevoo People


Ours is a managed service, not just a software package. We understand how reviews & ratings work in the purchase journeys of many different markets. And we use that knowledge to make our clients more money.

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