There’s an elephant in the room and it answers to the name of TripAdvisor. It’s here to stay.


You can’t control TripAdvisor. It will carry on offering unverified reviews, promoting your competitors and taking a chunk of your margin. That’s the way it works.

But you do have an option. Publishing verified reviews from your own customers helps attract and educate travellers to make bookings on your site.

The Power of Ratings and Reviews

Drive more travellers to your site

Putting keyword-rich hotel reviews on your site delivers a real SEO boost. Add in great features like destination reviews to supercharge your online offering. The extra traffic going to your direct website instead of TripAdvisor means more eyeballs on you and less on your competitors.

Ease traveller mistrust

When it comes to unverified reviews, a few bad apples really can spoil the bunch. Customers are looking for genuine travel reviews, but they’re not always easy to find. Using the Reevoo Trustmark on your website lets travellers know the reviews they’re seeing are from your real guests, not your vindictive competitors or well-meaning fakes. The barriers to booking drop when you show genuine customer experiences.

Your guests. Your bookings. Your reviews. It’s that simple.

Give a true reflection

Relying on people submitting reviews on their own can mean a mix of ‘raves’ and ‘rants’. Plenty of people have great holiday experiences, but don’t necessarily think to write about them. You need to proactively gather reviews from all your customers to get a real and balanced understanding of your offer. Using an independent collection system like Reevoo Amplify™ means richer reviews – and more of them.

They’re your customers. You should enjoy the benefit of their opinions.

Get more profitable bookings

Booking a holiday is a big decision. People don’t want to get it wrong. If you leave third-party sites to give buyers confidence with reviews and ratings then you’ll always be shelling out commission.

Get more marketing value

Putting ratings and reviews in brochures, emails and marketing campaigns multiplies their value and gets travellers to book with you directly.

The Bottom Line

Reviews and ratings are the powerhouse of the travel business. People love to talk about travel, and your customers love to listen. Take control of your reviews to give travellers all the information they need to book directly with you.

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