Our retail ratings and reviews solutions help you sell fast, sell more and reduce returns.


Retail moves fast. Your competitors are just one click away. If you don’t provide customers with all the information they need, someone else will – and take your sale. You need to keep your customers engaged, injecting trust where it matters most.

Research has proven it over and over again: consumers are much more likely to buy from brands that earn their trust with verified, owner reviews about their products and services. Nowhere is this more evident than retail. Without a physical product demo or a changing room, online customers rely on the opinions of ‘people like them’ to make a decision.

Reevoo gives you the power to inject trust right across the purchasing journey, driving an average 18% sales uplift at the point of conversion.

The Power of Ratings and Reviews

Increased sales and higher order values

Getting review coverage and depth across all your products drives sales. We collect more reviews than anyone else, and do it at speed to support new, high-margin product launches.

Reduce Returns and Basket Abandonment

Keep your customers coming back, not your products. Giving great customer insight into products and service experiences drives well-informed, confident decisions that are less likely to be reversed.

The result? Higher conversion rates. More revenue. Happier, more confident shoppers.

Tackle ‘Showrooming’

Taking reviews and ratings into your physical stores and showrooms mean more on-the-spot conversions. Deploy them in digital signage and point-of-sale to help answer customer questions, quibbles and ‘fear of regret’.

The Bottom Line

The competition is fierce. That’s why Reevoo Ratings & Reviews keep consumers engaged, injecting trust where and when you need it.

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