Every single review we collect on behalf of our clients is written by someone who actually bought that product or experienced that service.

We don’t pay for reviews; we don’t let brands write or edit reviews; and we don’t let anybody write a review unless we can prove they own that product.

Reevoo is committed to only publishing reviews from people who we know bought the product or service. We do this because we think these are the most useful reviews for people trying to decide what to buy. Our whole reputation rests on it. So, that means we don’t take chances.

If you’ve bought a product from one of our clients – fantastic. You’ll receive an email from us in due course asking you what you think of it. If you haven’t got an email, but you think you should have, email [email protected] and we’ll help.

If not, it’s a little more tricky. But it needs to be to keep the fakes away – we hope you understand. Here are some instructions.

We have a unique way of collecting reviews. You’ll never see a Reevoo ‘write a review’ button without the customer having to authenticate in some way. Generally, brands who partner with us send us their purchaser data. We then send all of their customers an email with a questionnaire and a request to review what they bought.

We like to go a bit further than just reviews though; we also ask questions about the purchase process, the service they received, and give people the option to join a pool volunteers who answer questions from curious shoppers.

We ask shoppers to rate the product from 1 to 10 in various categories, tailored to their specific purchase. For example, how they rate it overall, value for money, ease of use, sound or picture quality – anything a prospective buyer would like to know. The score out of 10 you see is the average of all overall ratings by individual reviewers.

We want to publish as many reviews as we receive, good and bad, but there are a few reasons why we might not publish one:

  • The review contains swearing or other offensive language
  • The reviewer talks about the wrong thing in the wrong section (we display product and customer service reviews separately)
  • The review mentions price. Just like service, this might be different for a number of retailers and confusing for readers.

In any of the above cases, we send it back and give the reviewer a chance to resubmit.

Reevoo was founded in 2005 by Richard, Ben and Guy. We’ve grown a lot since then and there’s now around 100 of us in the Reevoo office.

People trust our reviews more than others for two main reasons. Firstly, they are all written by real people, who have actually bought the product. We can prove that for every review we’ve collected. Secondly, we don’t let brands boss us into picking and choosing which reviews to use – we publish all the reviews we can, good and bad.

Read more about why authenticity is important for shoppers.

Read more about why authenticity is important for brands.

The full list is growing all the time. We work with big brand manufacturers and major retailers, as well as smaller sites that you may not have heard of. See some of our clients and their stories here.

If you’re committed to collecting 100% genuine reviews, and want the benefits they bring, then we’d love to talk! Get in touch.

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