This time, it’s the businesses doing the reviewing

13th April 2015

London, UK

Ratings & reviews service provider Reevoo is used to asking consumers for opinions – but a new initiative from remarketing company SaleCycle will give the power to the brands.

SaleCycle has enlisted Reevoo to collect reviews from business clients on its behalf. These reviews are currently being displayed, unedited, on SaleCycle’s website.

Reevoo CEO Jonathan Callcut applauded SaleCycle’s willingness to show the uncensored feedback from its clients.

“We so often associate reviews with the consumer, the individual – but businesses are made of people so why shouldn’t we give them a mouthpiece as well?
Social proof is for everyone – and if this helps make a CMO’s decision a little easier, we’ve done our job. We’re seeing B2B and B2C marketing strategies coming together, based on universal needs – trust, transparency and honesty.”

Chris Sheen, Head of Marketing at SaleCycle believes B2B buyers are entering a new era.
“We wanted this project to be all about transparency and openness – and for me there is no better trustmark in the marketplace than Reevoo, so choosing to partner with them was a no-brainer. B2B marketing is changing – and it’s exciting to be part of it.”

The approach is fully endorsed across the company. Dominic Edmunds, Founder & CEO at SaleCycle believes,

“Client feedback is at the heart of us growing and improving as a business – and being one of the first B2B companies to use Reevoo reviews in this way was incredibly exciting.

It’s liberating to read pure, unedited opinions on what it’s like working with SaleCycle so we can understand both where we’re doing well and where we can do better in the future.”
SaleCycle’s reviews can be seen at


About Reevoo

Are customers at the heart of your business? Reevoo helps brands turn the voice of the customer into business value through independently collected user generated content. Reevoo’s Ratings & Reviews, Social and Customer Intelligence products work together to help your business engage with, listen to and learn from your customers. Displaying Reevoo’s third party trustmark means your brand will become synonymous with transparency, openness and trust. If customers are at the heart of your business, Reevoo is your natural partner.

For more information contact: MARINA CHEAL, VP Marketing, Reevoo, +44 (0)20 7654 0350

About SaleCycle

Founded in 2010, SaleCycle is committed to helping the world’s leading brands recover lost sales online. SaleCycle’s signature On-Site Remarketing and Email Remarketing solutions enable clients to reconnect with consumers who abandon their shopping cart, booking or application form with dynamic, personalized messages in real-time. SaleCycle serves over 500 clients globally and has offices in Washington DC, London, Paris and Singapore.

Find out why the world’s leading brands including Sony, Ralph Lauren and Hertz work with SaleCycle at

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