Sharp, Sony and Tesco First to Gain New Insight into Their Social Commerce Strategies Using Reevoo’s New Analytics Tool

6th September 2011

Reevoo Analytics offers brands and retailers unprecedented levels of actionable insight into the effectiveness of their social commerce strategies

Europe’s leading social commerce company Reevoo today launched a sophisticated analytics dashboard that delivers unprecedented levels of insight into the performance and impact of reviews and social commerce strategies. Consumer electronics manufacturers Sharp and Sony, and the UK’s biggest retailer Tesco all report measurable performance improvements that they attribute to the new data now available to them.

Reevoo Analytics tracks social commerce activity in real time, ensuring that user-generated content such as reviews work harder for brands and retailers. Through customised reporting tools, tracking of ‘review impact’, monitoring of social content trends and the identification of previously unseen opportunities, its enhanced social commerce analytics suite provides powerful, actionable insights into the performance of social commerce strategies.

Leading consumer electronics brand Sharp has been using Reevoo Analytics since June. Pete Braithwaite, Ecommerce & Online Systems Manager, Sharp, says: “As a customer-focused company, it is imperative that we have as much feedback from consumers as possible to shape future product development and the services we offer. Reevoo ensures we have huge amounts of customer opinion and now with Reevoo Analytics this information is clearly presented, easy to analyse, and we can instantly and directly respond to our customers. It’s terrific to be able to quickly get an overview of customer sentiment on a global level and then drill into a particular category, individual product and even individual product reviews. We can also see at a glance which of our products are best rated and which have room for improvement with the reports, allowing us to provide valuable feedback to our product development and marketing teams. The whole package delivers real value and ensures our online performance is improving daily.”

Anna Burrell, Web Development Manager,, said: “In a short period of time, our trading teams are able to make better stocking and procurement decisions based on Reevoo Analytics’ product reports, which indicate the best- and worst-rated products. The KPI summary, which is constantly updated to show how we’re doing right now is also very valuable because we operate in an online, real-time environment with a low margin for error.”

Sony already uses other Reevoo products in twelve countries across Europe. Manuela Futschik, Communication Manager, Sony Switzerland & Austria, said: “Our site only went live recently, yet already I can track weekly trends and progress on coverage. When dealing with a huge number of product SKUs, the KPI summary is invaluable because everything can be sorted according to the criteria that matter to me, so I can quickly find the information that I need without having to scan through reports manually. The single ‘dashboard’ also makes it easy to manage multiple countries.”

Reevoo Analytics enables:

• tracking of incremental sales and accurately calculates the impact of reviews on revenues

• key metrics to be viewed in real-time and/or downloaded and shared

• trends to be monitored through highly visual snapshots of daily, weekly and monthly figures

• identification of less obvious, hidden opportunities

• reviews or comments requiring attention to receive a rapid response

Its online dashboard displays a real-time snapshot of incremental revenue driven by reviews, and provides instant access to key metrics including conversion uplift, review collection, product coverage and consumer engagement, as well as instant online access to product, category and overall review performance reports.

Richard Anson, founder and CEO of Reevoo, said: “Reports generated by Reevoo Analytics are easily customised by changing parameters including reporting period, product set and more. This makes it extremely simple to monitor top-line figures, track trends over time and – perhaps most importantly – to take immediate action to remedy negative trends. In a real-time environment, what can be more vital or valuable than being able to respond and react, also in real-time?”


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