Reevoo takes ratings and reviews to the next level with Magnify

30th July 2014

London, UK

New feature has product reviews down to a fine art

Ratings and reviews provider Reevoo has reinforced its commitment to innovation by announcing the launch of new feature Magnify.

As part of its standard Product Reviews, Reevoo will offer its clients the chance to collect and display reviews of a product’s individual features. For the first time, upgrades, accessories, add-ons and more will be under the microscope.

Magnify gives Reevoo’s clients the fuel they need to power the upsell.

Reviews can be collected in the same questionnaire as Product Reviews, and displayed along the purchase journey for maximum upsell effect.

“People read reviews because they want details they wouldn’t get from a marketing pamphlet, and Magnify adds a whole extra dimension to that” said Reevoo VP of Product Deepak Janakiraman.

“Consumers are empowered with the information they want, our clients are thrilled to be offering potential customers the confidence to make purchasing decisions and we’re delighted to be offering a first for the ratings and reviews market – everybody’s happy.”

Reevoo Magnify is available now as part of Product Reviews.

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